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Welcome to the news round-up for the English Community. Each week, we will keep you in touch with some of the most important threads within the forum together with some of the fun posts, so that you never need to miss them.

Our Community round-up is your weekly source for all that happens inside the PokerStrategy forums. If you missed something last week and you still want to be in touch with our community, here are some of the most important posts. This is just one of many community-related projects being set up.
Poker Blog of the week
We have another magical Blog of the week this week... Bryans Rise to Fame.

Community member MAGICBRYAN joined us in March this year and has been using his blog to regularly record his journey right from first receiving the initial $50 PokerStrategy starting capital.

As with anyone's game, there have been the usual ups and downs, but Bryan's freshingly honest attitude and commitment to learning as he goes has already put him in good stead and he's already reached the magical $100 bankroll figure. More importantly, he genuinely seems to be having fun, which has to be the primary reason for playing afterall :)

A great read, keep up the good work MAGICBRYAN, we all wish you every continued success and enjoyment with your poker.
sample hand of the week
For a change, this weeks sample hand comes from the MTT sample hands board.

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $8.00+$0.80 Tournament, 100/200 Blinds 25 Ante (9 handed)

Button (t9150)
SB (t13884)
BB (t15299)
UTG (t3060)
UTG+1 (t4193)
MP1 (t6135)
Hero (MP2) (t12120)
MP3 (t2000)
CO (t8000)

Hero's M: 23.09

Preflop: Hero is MP2 with KDiamond , AClub
3 folds, Hero bets t500, 3 folds, SB calls t400, 1 fold

Flop: (t1425) 4Diamond , AHeart , 3Heart (2 players)
SB checks, Hero bets t900, SB raises to t2800, Hero raises to t11595 (All-In), 1 fold

Total pot: t7025

Community member MrEpisode asks for a second opinion on how to play this hand;

Judge grummeler responds: "nice hand. Very well played. You cannot just call or fold to this raise, so moving all in is the best option Augenzwinkern "
new community member of the week
A big warm welcome to all new community members this week. Included amongst them is randomly chosen new community member of the week SoiLL who joined us on the 18th of May and is from Bulgaria. Welcome, it's good to see you.

We wish all our new community members every success and enjoyment with your poker and look forward to seeing you active in the forums soon.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have and/or share your poker experiences, our members are really keen to help fellow poker players wherever they can.
performances of the week
Our community amassed winnings of $ 11,138.92 this week.

Congratulations to all our winners/other performances, which included:

  • Bizaxta finished a superb 22nd from over 11,000 entrants in the Full Tilt MiniFTOPS Main Event, cashing $1,557.79, very well played;
  • superjunk also cashed in a MiniFTOPS, this time Event #10 (123rd/11,508), well played;
  • Community members Primzi & Sharkysmurf both won $215 tickets on PokerStars. Primzi cashed his ticket in and will be using it across many different tournaments, whilst Sharkysmurf went on to play his first 'major', the PokerStars Sunday Million, and finished a superb 88th (from 7,572 entries),  picking up in excess of $1,700 for his efforts, very well played;
  • Several cashes for TribunCaesar during his 10,000th forum post celebratory coaching session last Sunday, including a deep cash in the FTOPS Event #24 and a Pro-knockout in the 6 Handed FTOPS event;
  • Final table appearances for LuborC, Jonaton & WildBeans to name just a few;
  • A Holdem NL tournament win and an Omaha FL final table for Tobsee;
  • AnderX won a $750 Guarantee tournament picking up $260;
  • Wurble & andreibalint both cashed in freeroll tournaments, now thats what a call a ROI. :)

Sorry I cannot name everyone each week, but I'll try to pick up a selection of different people each time. Keep posting those wins in this thread, we're still short of our $1,000,000 target, but have broken the $400k mark with a current total of $400,268.43.
  spotlight on
Spotlight this week on community member Primzi.

PokerStrategy: Hi Primzi welcome and thanks for agreeing to an interview for the community.

Primzi: Hello, the pleasure is all mine. :)

PokerStrategy: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Primzi: I'm a 18 year old male from Slovenia (not Slovakia!) who lives to dance and plays poker to be able to dance :).

PokerStrategy: Is there any special meaning behind the nickname?

Primzi: It pretty much comes from my first name (Primoz), so there is no real story behind it :(.

PokerStrategy: How long have you been playing poker?

Primzi: I've been playing poker for real money since my 18th birthday (November last year), and that was also when I registered to PokerStrategy.com. It became popular between my school-mates, we played it at school sometimes, and then I recieved a TAF (Tell A Friend) e-mail from a friend who will soon be $100 richer (I'm almost at 5,000 lifetime strategy points :) ).

PokerStrategy: Nice. Which variants/style do you currently play?

Primzi: I'm playing FL so I'm trying to stick to the articles and implementing the usage of stats into my game. I think other players see me as a standard TAG though :).
I am currently playing FL $1/$2, I do sometimes play some $5-$10 tournaments for fun as well, with no real success until yesterday when I got myself a ticket worth $215 ticket to the Sunday warm-up tournament on Pokerstars :).

PokerStrategy: Do you ever play any live events, or are you mainly online based?

Primzi: Unfortunately my school-mates stopped playing poker, but if the Slovenians on PokerStrategy will be up for it, we should be able to play some quite interesting live games together :).

PokerStrategy: If you had to have a theme tune to enter a poker tournament to (like boxers when they enter the ring), what would it be?

Primzi: It would be Aqua: Barbie girl. Because I can imagine the look in the people's eyes when they'd hear it in a live poker tournament :). It might as well distract some oponnents and give me an edge later on!

PokerStrategy: Can you remember what happened to the PokerStrategy $50? Did you lose it early on or is it still in your current bankroll somewhere?

Primzi: I've deposited it to titan poker where I actually made about 300$ out of it playing 1$ and 5$ beginner SNGs, then I withdrew it and wasted it all on my birthday party :). It was worth it though!

PokerStrategy: lol cool. Who is your favourite poker pro and why?

Primzi: It must be Phil Helmuth, watching him go nuts really cheers me up sometimes :).

PokerStrategy: What has been your biggest success/achievement in poker so far?

Primzi: It must be the $215 tournament ticket which I won in a $10 buy-in satellite :). Other than that, using proper BRM is a very big achievement for me :).

PokerStrategy: If you had the opportunity of playing a final table with a selection of people of your choice (doesn't have to necessarily be poker players, anyone past or present), who would be seated there with you?

Primzi: To my right would be Phil Helmuth, and I'd fill the rest of the table with kingdippy2008, P0kerQT, EagleStar88, Terrorblade, Yoghi, Dippy19, Coreysteel, Gerv and SoyCD :). And it would be a FL tournament of course...

PokerStrategy: What do you like most about PokerStrategy?

Primzi: I like the nice community which is full of people who are willing to help you improve your knowledge, it has a nice (although non-bribable) Head-Admin SoyCD, a nice selection of videos and articles, and a lot of funny forum topics :).

PokerStrategy: Do you have a favourite blog that you are currently following?

Primzi: Yes, the raisy-daisy blog is the way to go, and I am also following Jacky's and Ihufa's blog :).

PokerStrategy: What advice would you give to our newer members just starting out in poker for the first time?

Primzi: You should stick to the BRM, attend coachings, evaluate your game, stick to the article strategy and most of all, have fun whilst playing poker :).

PokerStrategy: Is there anyone in particular from the community you'd like to give a shout out to?

Primzi: There's so many people I'd like to do that to... But I guess I'll try to make it as short as possible.I'd like to say hi to all the Slovenian members, my daughter Jacky, my father Terrorblade, my wifey SoyCD and my bitch Gervy :).

PokerStrategy: Do you have any hobbies outside of poker?

Primzi: Dancing is pretty much what all my life is based on, I'm in love with it :). And with dancing comes partying as well :).

PokerStrategy: If money was no object, what would you buy or wish could come true?

Primzi: I'd like a white Porsche Carrera GT, a house with a swimming pool, a big hall to rehearse in and a big club to party in with my crew and to win a big dance event with my crew, such as the battle of the year :).

PokerStrategy: Nice, well thank you for doing this interview , you've given us all a great insight into the person behind the nickname and we're very grateful for you taking the time out to talk to us today. We wish you continued success with your poker and dancing and look forward to seeing you in the forum and at the tables soon.

Primzi: Thank you very much for your time as well, see ya at the tables :).

Would you like to appear yourself one week or maybe you'd like to nominate a fellow member who you would like to know more about? Drop me a reply in the feedback thread and maybe your wish will come true :)

Community Round-up neeeds your thoughts
Space available - Your ideas welcomed.

What would you like to see here in a regular weekly slot?

One member has suggested maybe a birthday section, where we can send our best regards to those members celebrating their birthday that week. If you think thats a great idea, drop your birthday (Date & Month are fine, don't have to provide the year ;) ) in the feedback thread at the bottom of this page and let's make that happen.

Not so keen on the birthdays, no problem, just let us know what you would like to appear here next week by using the feedback thread.
and finally
Had a difficult grinding session?, want to relax a little, well don't forget our Fun & Off-Topic, Small talk and Sports boards. We've got everything from caption contests to cartoons, from talking to online strangers to talking animal videos, and from word assocations to water-skiing. Ok I may have lied about the water-skiing, but with 1.5m members globally, the odds & outs chart must indicate some members out there somewhere that do actually waterski? Why not tell us about it?

As always, this is your Community page and whilst I try to browse most forum threads looking for points of interest, it's of course not possible to cover everything. So go on, drop me some suggestions and/or your thoughts on what you would like to appear in this Round-up news item in the following feedback thread.

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    Primzi: There's so many people I'd like to do that to... But I guess I'll try to make it as short as possible.I'd like to say hi to all the Slovenian members, my daughter Jacky, my father Terrorblade, my wifey SoyCD and my bitch Gervy :).

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