How to avoid these common beginner mistakes

Micro stakes players and newbies - watch this free guide to plugging the most costly leaks preventing you from moving up the stakes in poker.

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Our low stakes coach la55i returns with his most important video yet. If you are new to poker or are struggling at the micro stakes, this one is for you. 

Today our coach highlights the biggest misconceptions, fallacies and mistakes he sees in beginner players. Mistakes which hold you back from moving up in stakes. 

These mistakes include:

  • Relying on a small sample
  • Reading stats wrong
  • Being too curious
  • The sunk cost fallacy
  • The gamblers fallacy
  • Studying too much

He covers even more and if you are struggling to beat micro stakes you will have at least one of the leaks he mentions, so make sure to watch this one. 

If you enjoyed this video and want to get hands on, our coach does several very affordable one-on-one packages including €20 hand reviews and a €26 starter pack, check out la55i's coaching thread for more details.

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  • pokerboy198229


    When i watched his video i kind start asking myself: Do I do anything wright?
  • Maciwski637


    Very useful thanks