Improve your post flop play heads-up

You've made it to the heads-up stage of the tournament, the last thing you want to do is make a big error after the flop.

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Collin Moshman




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Collin Moshman returns today with a video and webinar dedicated to a crucial stage of any MTT or SNG, the heads-up stage. 

In particular his focus is on playing postflop when it gets down to two players. This is an often overlooked element of the final stages of MTTs and SNGs, as some players assume high blinds should mean simply shoving or folding. 

In this video Collin picks out hand examples which involved tough decisions after the flop in the heads-up stages of MTTs and SNGs. 

Also tonight Collin is hosting his latest weekly webinar which will continue where his video left off. He will answer your questions on heads-up play, review your hands and give some beginner advice for post flop heads-up play. 

Join him, for free, on Twitch tonight at 21:00 CET. Visit Collin's coaching thread to find out more.  

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