bencb introduces a unique Tournament Masterclass

He is one of the most successful players at PokerStars. In this new series, he will teach you how to reach the highest stakes online MTTs.

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We would like to present a very special coaching offer to all members of, straight from well-known tournament expert and WCOOP Super High Roller winner bencb.

He has developed his own Tournament Masterclass training that promises to help any ambitious player to reach the highest online tournament stakes with a unique coaching approach.

If you don't know bencb yet, he is one of the most successful online tournament players to date and has won millions of dollars at the virtual felt. Last year, he was able to take down the first online tournament with a six-figure buy-in, even beating the current most successful live tournament player Fedor 'CrownUpGuy' Holz heads-up.

Besides his huge passion for poker, bencb is also a very passionate coach that takes a lot of pride in helping other players to reach their full potential. Therefore, he also started his own specialised online coaching site Raise Your Edge. After we've already seen the release of world class SNG content at RYE, the offer has now been expanded to MTTs with his unique Tournament Masterclass.

A free trial for everyone

Free Video Raise Your Edge

The free introductory video to the course provides you with all the information you need in order to decide whether the Tournament Masterclass is a fitting offer for your level of play or not.

While beginners, who just started out playing poker, won't be able to take away a lot from the detailed considerations and approaches being presented by bencb, advanced players with a solid mindset can certainly profit immensely from the content of the Masterclass training videos.

Specifically, you can expect to be assisted in your learning progress right from the start, without throwing you into the deep end. You will learn how to make good decisions for a wide range of different situations, which is the one skill that really forms a strong and fearsome poker player. More importantly, you will learn how to make better decisions than your opponents or other winning players.

The standard approach is to follow a GTO game plan (Game Theory Optimal) against unknown players that is based on population tendencies. As soon as we have more information on a specific opponent, we can make use of that in order to exploit them as best as possible. The difficult part is to realise quickly when to do exactly what, and that's one of the main questions the Tournament Masterclass will provide an answer for.

Become a tournament master

Master coach

Additionally, the Tournament Masterclass will also show you how to become your very own coach. Still, too many players tend to neglect this aspect of a successful poker career, mostly because they don't know how to analyse their own game effectively.

The Tournament Masterclass will teach you how to find, analyse and filter out your own leaks, providing you with the big advantage to improve yourself just by being willing to work on your game.

The more work you invest into finding and identifying problems in your game, the less opportunity your opponents will have to exploit you. Of course, as with any serious coaching approach, you will get some "home work" and need to be willing to put in individual work before continuing the class after each video. However, a "call to action" will always put you in the right direction.

An extensive tournament package


Since it's a very extensive coaching package, it's not possible to efficiently present the entirety of the provided learning content.

In short, the most important aspects of the Tournament Masterclass are:

  • More than 25 hours of video content
  • A step by step guide on pre-flop, post-flop and ICM play
  • Simple rules and guidelines that you can implement in your game right away
  • Ranges for the most important pre-flop scenarios
  • When to play according to GTO and when to play exploitive
  • Methods and home work to work on your own game
  • A healthy mix of theoretical and practical content
  • How to master challenging close spots
  • How to keep the game simple while still always being one step ahead
  • All the secrets, hints and experiences bencb has been able to collect during his entire poker career
  • New and updated content on a regular basis

Exclusive discount for PokerStrategists discount

bencb will provide more detail on each aspect of the course in the introductory video linked above, enabling you to get a good idea of what exactly you're being offered for your money.

You can buy the Tournament Masterclass at any point directly on the Raise Your Edge website. If you follow our referral link and choose the Expert Level package, you will get a discount of $200 when entering the bonus code pokerstrategy during the checkout process. Additionally, the Apprentice Level of the Tournament Masterclass is also on sale right now.

Save $200 on the Tournament Masterclass - Expert Level

Raising your edge with bencb

If you're looking for more insight into the mind of a real poker professional, check out some of the other videos bencb has produced so far:

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