bencb is now also coaching for free on YouTube

As well as his coaching programme Raise Your Edge, German high roller 'bencb' is now also providing first-class content for free on YouTube.

bencb raise your edge youtube
bencb delivering first-class
YouTube poker content

With the Tournament Masterclass bencb is currently not only offering the best MTT coaching course players can find out there, for roughly half a year now he's also been running his own YouTube channel, delivering completely free educational videos on current tournaments and cash games.

Just recently, he uploaded a final table review of a $2,100 buy-in tournament he played in January this year, offering great insight into the mind of one of the best MTT players and coaches around:

One thing that's abundantly clear when watching the broad range of videos bencb is providing on his YouTube channel: Instead of resting on his success in the past, he's still relentlessly working on his own game day in and day out to stay competitive at the highest level of poker.

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Obviously, anyone who's booked one of his exclusive training courses on Raise Your Edge is profiting from that dedication as well, leading to regularly updated and renewed offers.

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Even ZOOM is on the table

Raise Your Edge

Moreover, bencb is not the only one providing high-class content and insightful commentary on his channel.

One of his most recent guests, for instance, was Brazilian online legend 'Internett93o' who, amongst many other accolades, won $354,187 in the $5 million guaranteed Sunday Million in 2015.

In their collaboration, both experts dive into a $530 Bounty Builder, a tourney format that has been getting more and more popular these last years:

Tournament action, though, is not the only content you will find. People say that if you can beat NL500 Zoom games, you can basically beat any other limit as long as there's at least one recreational player at your table. Regularly making bank in cash games alongside his highly successful tournament career, bencb provides people with a glimpse into his prowess in formats like these as well:

There's much more first-class content to be found on bencb's channel, so best check it out yourself and enjoy the free ride:

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You'd like to learn more from bencb?

Package Masterclass

Then you should definitely take a look at his Tournament Masterclass training course. It's a very extensive offer, making it not really feasible listing all the content in its entireness here.

In short, the most important aspects of the Tournament Masterclass are:

  • More than 25 hours of video content
  • A step by step guide on pre-flop, post-flop and ICM play
  • Simple rules and guidelines that you can implement in your game right away
  • Ranges for the most important pre-flop scenarios
  • When to play according to GTO and when to play exploitive
  • Methods and home work to work on your own game
  • A healthy mix of theoretical and practical content
  • How to master challenging close spots
  • How to keep the game simple while still always being one step ahead
  • All the secrets, hints and experiences bencb has been able to collect during his entire poker career
  • New and updated content on a regular basis

A free trial for everyone

The free introductory video to the course provides you with all the information you need in order to decide whether the Tournament Masterclass is a fitting offer for your level of play or not.

You will learn how to make good decisions for a wide range of different situations, which is the one skill that really forms a strong and fearsome poker player. More importantly, you will learn how to make better decisions than your opponents or other winning players.

The Tournament Masterclass by bencb is easily still the best offer out there for advanced players looking to take the next step to become a real professional.

Tournament Masterclass - Your ticket to the top

Raising your edge with bencb

If you're looking for more insight into the mind of a real poker professional, check out some of the premium coaching videos by bencb and what he's produced for so far:

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Comments (5)

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  • tonypmm


    The low stake hypers video where he plays $7 6-mans at the same time as a $1700 hyper-sat (featuring Ike Haxton) is so cool :D
  • tonypmm


    What I'd really like Pokerstrategy to arrange with Ben is some special discount for the basic pack 'Crush 6-Max Hyper Turbos' for PS-gy Silver+ members because 3 videos from the pack are already available on PS-gy (only 2 of them have been translated into English, but all the 3 are available for Silver+ in German).
  • anduke


    Is this material too advanced for lower stakes though?
  • CucumbaMan


    I watched some videos, but when he's 8 tableing it is tough to follow. :)
  • tonypmm


    #3 - I haven't watched the MTT material, but I think the hyper videos are even more applicable at the low stakes than at the high ones because they focus on exploitative play vs recreationals and weak regulars.