coffeeyay on when to bluffraise the river in Spin & Go

Join us for a free lesson in identifying the spots where you can take your opponent off a medium strength hand on the river in Spins. coach Adam 'coffeeyay' Sobolewski

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Today SpinLegends Head Coach coffeeyay is back with another free video that is useful if you are a Spins regular but can even be applied in other formats. 

In this video he looks at good spots to bluffraise the river in Spin & Go. This is a line you won't see very often because the stacks are shallow, but you do actually face small bets a decent amount of the time in this format so it is a more useful line than you may think. 

In particular our coach looks at times when our hand blocks the villain's bet/calling range (but not their bet/folding range), meaning it is way less likely they call and your bluff will work a lot. 

If you think your own game would benefit from this sort of coaching, and you would like to be staked at the same time, 2018 is a good time to join SpinLegends. We have a lot of exciting announcements just around the corner. 

coffeeyay poker video
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  • CucumbaMan


    Thanks for the great video again!
  • anduke


    It's great to get videos like that from time to time. Would be cool to get a lot more material for spins but it's understandable that there won't be much revealed because of SpinLegends structure.