New Affiliate for Sports Betting and Poker: Betfair

Just in time for the start of the Euro 2008, we're presenting to you a top provider for sports betting, with Betfair as our newest affiliate - both for sports betting and poker!

With the registration at Betfair via PokerStrategy you receive a 100% up to $1,500 poker bonus and a €35 sports betting bonus. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to participate in a PokerStrategy WSOP Europe Poker Freeroll with a prize pool of $9,900.

Betfair - the top provider for sports betting

Betfair has a unique and very popular sports betting system: At Betfair, every player is able to offer bets and odds himself, and other players are able to participate in those bets if they are interested.

With this system, the players don't bet against the provider as they do in the traditional sense with bookmakers.

Registration via PokerStrategy Link

To play or bet on Betfair via PokerStrategy and thus collect StrategyPoints, you have to download the Betfair software by using this link:

Important: Delete your browser cookies before using the link!


Betfair: Registration over PokerStrategy!

Bonus Code: Sign up - and afterwards and enter the bonus code PST001, if it doesn't already appear in the field automatically!

This is how the Betfair system works


Bonuses and Promotions


For starters, we offer you two bonuses and a WSOP Europe promotion at Betfair:

1) 35 Euro Free Bet
After you deposited and bet at least 35 Euros on sports bets, you'll receive 35 Euros back on your account as a bonus. Thus the first 35 Euros placed is free. The 35 Euros returned to you can, of course, be paid out anytime.

Forum for sports betting and Betfair

2) $1,500 Poker Bonus
On your first Betfair poker deposit you'll receive a 100% bonus up to $1,500.

This top bonus will be paid off in steps. For every collected 400 Betfair Points, you'll receive $10 of your bonus. The bonus for the previous week will be paid out every Wednesday.

To activate the bonus, you have to have played your first hand 30 days after the registration at the latest. After the first hand, you have 60 days to clear the bonus.

Forum for Betfair Poker

3) $9,900 WSOP Europe Poker Freeroll
In the next few weeks, an exclusive Euro 2008 PokerStrategy Freeroll will take place at Betfair. The nine top-ranked PokerStrategists of the freeroll will receive a ticket worth $550 for Betfair's WSOP Europe Qualifier on July 6th. The remaining players will receive a share of the remaining prize money of $4,950.

To participate in the freeroll, you have to do the following:
Place at least five bets at Betfair - and you're already qualified! Further information about the freeroll and possible dates will follow.

Re-tracking an Account to PokerStrategy:

If you already have a Betfair account and want to re-track it to PokerStrategy, please write a ticket with your Betfair nick (Info "which nick" follows) to the support.

We will send your names to Betfair where it will be decided on a case-by-case basis if your account can be re-tracked - we have no influence on this.

Enter the Account and receive StrategyPoints:

Currently, we're still working with Betfair on a way to transfer your data so that we'll be able to grant you StrategyPoints for your playing and betting. You'll then be able to enter your account into your profile and receive StrategyPoints.

We'll then also inform you when and how many StrategyPoints you receive for playing and betting on Betfair.

Why sports bettings?


Many of you will ask yourself:
What does sportsbetting have to do with PokerStrategy?

or even
Why does PokerStrategy advertise gambling, with which you obviously cannot win?

These are all legitimate questions - for which there are several answers:

Why sports betting?

Betfair: Registration over PokerStrategy!

This is how the Betfair system works

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  • Drakhor


    I suggest you temporarily deactivate your adblocker/firewall software before clicking on the special referral link. The "ads" in the URL will make sure any ad-blocking software will kick in immediately.
  • Stefan1000


    Which network is betfair?
  • SoyCD


    Betfair has its own network - and its own software :)
  • xtc1907


    damn guys, you should offer a some sort of new partner sites schedule which shows the upcoming poker sites.
    Already had a betfair account but let me see if i can retrack...
  • PGremlin


    Do I need to make a single 35 Euro bet to get the 35 Euro bonus?

    Or can I also make 7 times 5 Euro bets and still get the bonus?
  • chpj


    u can make 7 diffrent ^^