Top 20 Promo With $26,000 Freeroll!

Our Top 20 promotion has come to an end after 3 months and the global pot has reached $26,000! We will host a freeroll where all this money is the prize pool, so read more to see how you can participate.

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The Top 20 promotion is over now, after taking place in October, November and December last year. As we mentioned when we announced the news, a global pot was created and that pot will represent the prize pool for a freeroll which will be hosted soon.

Since the promotion is finished, we now know that the prize pool for this freeroll has reached $26,000!

PartyPoker will host this special tournament and if you want to participate, you simply need a PartyPoker account created via If you don't have an account yet, you can create one now:

Create a PartyPoker account and take part in the $26,000 freeroll!

Here are the details for this freeroll:

  • Name: PokerStrategy Top 20 Final Freeroll
  • Poker room: PartyPoker
  • Date & time: January 31, 18:00 GMT
  • Prize pool: $26,000
  • Registration: starts on January 31, 05:00 GMT

Update: Please note that the tournament is already visible in the PartyPoker lobby and registration will be open on the tournament day, starting with 05:00 GMT.

If you would like to talk to other PokerStrategists about this, you can do so in the forum:

Discussion thread: Top 20 freeroll with $26,000 prize pool

Top 20 promotion

From the 1st of October to the 31st of December, our community hosted the Top 20 race, where best 20 finishers would be awarded with cash prizes ranging from $50 to $500.

If one of the PokerStrategists from this ranking also finished in the Top 250 race for one of those 3 months, then he or she would win the higher prize and the lower prize would go towards a global prize pool. This global prize pool for all 3 months is $26,000 and it will be used for our exclusive freeroll.

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Comments (15)

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  • SoyCD


    Very nice :>
  • cojonel


    ship it :)) there will be 4 k + users sick :D;
  • KidPokersKid


    I'm glad it's a freeroll ^_^
  • Zemnieks11


    nice promo, more like this
  • Abhorrence


    Oh wow I'll have to remember to get in on this one. Hope I don't forget haha
  • vhallee


    #5: Don't worry ;)
    We will have some reminders setup for this.
  • Termis


    Could we subscribe somewhere to get the memo or something? :)
  • jokeritza


    wow..i think this will be the biggest prize pool freeroll that i ever participate :D..hope to come in first place:D
  • antonin87


    im gonna definitly be in..biggest freeroll ever..and about an hour later i have monthly bankroll builder 10k final..its gonna be nice poker saturday evening
  • Cealin


    Or not, if you get two bad beats.
  • 1z2x3y


    Poker Strategy u r the nutz,
    keep up the great work you do and long may it continue :-)
  • kelatrongdem


    can you check I can register it :D
  • EagleStar88


    Registration now open, get involved people, lets bring this baby back to the English community. Click all tournaments, remove any filters and page down. Good luck!
  • Agiz19


    smooshie :) gl all
  • stefko321


    Is party poker available for bulgarians??