Martin Staszko survives kidnap attempt

In today's Daily Rewind we find out why Martin Staszko was targeted by criminals and outline the WSOP's live stream schedule.

Staszko survives kidnap attempt

Staszko's narrow escape
According to Czech newspaper, Pravo, 2011 WSOP Main Event runner-up Martin Staszko was targeted by a criminal gang after his high profile finish.

The criminal outfit were allegedly targeting millionaire businessmen across the Czech Republic back in 2011 and Staszko was one of the victims on their hit list.

In an elaborate ruse designed to win the trust of the poker pro, Michael Šváb allegedly created a fake persona (Robert Kelner) and invited Staszko to a fictitious high stakes game in Cannes.

Czech police believe the plan was to lure Staszko to the game and hold him hostage until a ransom was paid (something the gang had already done to several wealthy Czech natives).

However, it seems as though Staszko is as cautious in life as he is at the poker table and declined the offer, thus averting a potentially fatal exchange with the dangerous gang.

WSOP live stream set

wsop 1
Watch the action live
The schedule for this summer's WSOP live stream has just been released and thanks to an increase in provisions you'll be able to watch 32 days of action from your computer screen.

Using a mixture of live commentary, timed delays and multiple camera options, you'll be able to stay up-to-date with much of the action as it develops inside the Rio.

As in previous years David Tuchman will be in the commentary booth alongside a rotating team of visiting pros.

In addition to the featured table action (which will show hole cards), viewers can also watch streams from outside tables without commentary or hole cards.

Some of the more interesting broadcasts on the schedule include: May 30 - $25,000 Mix Max, June 3 - Millionaire Maker, June 16 - $10,000 6-Max and June 21 - $10,000 Heads-Up.

bokkie banks a SCOOP title

Bjorn's big win
Another PokerStrategist was able to sample the sweet taste of SCOOP success last night after taking down Event #35-High.

The $2,100 PLO Hi/Lo saw a hardened selection of pros line up for a shot at the $338,000 prizepool, but once the 169 entrants had finished betting it was Bjorn 'bokkie' Verbakel that finished on top.

After making his way past a plethora of tough opponents, Verbakel eventually found himself heads-up with Dan Kelly.

Fortunately, Verbakel held a 4:1 chip lead at the start of play and within four hands he was able to oust his toughest opponent and claim the $72,670 whilst Kelly had to settle for a $52,390 consolation prize.

Question of the Day

"Looking at the live stream schedule, which WSOP events are you most looking forward to watching this summer?"


Phil Ivey stood tall as the biggest winner of the last 24 hours after raking in $196,727 last night. The American pro only managed to play 547 hands, but when the betting was over his six-figure haul was more than enough to put him ahead of 'BiatchPeople' and Chun Lei Zhou.

At the other end of the spectrum Kyle Ray suffered the largest loss of the day after just 316 hands. After tangling with Ivey he found himself $160,072 out of pocket and more than $60,000 worse off than his closest rival, Viktor Blom.

Phil Ivey
Chun Lei Zhou$66,128
Kyle Ray
Viktor Blom$94,033
Phil Galfond$50,000

Daily Signoff

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  • LemOn36


    that gang was hardcore,
    they were pretending to buy yachts, houses etc.
    took a businessman to the desert, force him to give them account numbers cards and pin numbers
    then put a bag over his head and buried him in the desert.

    Stazsko was lucky although some "private game in a Villa in France" and a businessman picking him of all people seems rly like a dumb rouse.
  • LemOn36


    Also thats whey I never shipped a large MTT
    I know less tricks that the other guys DAAAAYUM
  • Vip3rNZ


    even with phil iveys latest win hes still down over 4 Million dollars since full tilt re-opened, kinda sad really