PokerStars Zoom Poker Live at Microstakes

PokerStars has now launched Zoom Poker, their fast-moving ring game, for microstakes games ($0.01/$0.02 and $0.02/$0.05). Find out all about the features of the latest PokerStars product here.

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PokerStars has now launched their long-anticipated "fast-moving ring game product" for real money play, albeit for now only at microstakes.

For now the game is only available at $0.01/$0.02 and $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha. Nevertheless, thousands of players have flocked to the Zoom tables to test out the software, averaging between 200 and 300 hands per hour.

Currently each Zoom Poker limit is restricted to a player pool of 1,500. There is no definitive date for the launch of Zoom Poker at higher stakes.

Zoom Poker: features

Zoom Poker hosts not individual tables, but instead a player pool which is put together at 6-max or full ring tables for the duration of one hand. As soon as you fold your hand, you are seated at another table to play the next one.

Over 200 hands per hour when one-tabling: The main benefit of Zoom Poker is not having to wait for a hand to conclude after you fold pre-flop or on other streets. Once you fold, your table changes and your next hand is dealt after a barely-notable delay.

Fast fold for more action: In addition to quick reseating, you can boost your hands per hour figure by utilising the new "Fast Fold" button. This folds your hand before the action is on you pre-flop, meaning you can fold your small blind to a UTG raise before the other players have even reacted. Holding "Ctrl" allows you to see the remainder of a hand in which you have folded.

Different animations: The transition between hands is by default a fade out/fade in from your old to new table. However, you can customise these animations to flip or slide the tables.

Go to PokerStars and try Zoom Poker

Check out Zoom Poker

We managed to play over 100 hands of 6-max $0.01/$0.02 No Limit in just over 20 minutes. Check out the table and lobby layout for the newly-launched Zoom Poker:

Zoom Poker dominates the PokerStars lobby, with tips on how to use the features.

The "Fast Fold" button can boost you to more than 200 hands per hour on a single table!

Comments (24)

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  • stevegold87


    No me gusta, it only gives less chances to make FT comes back now...
  • ThatGuyMatt


    Me like
  • NorwayCowboy


    Tried the playmoney tables yesterday, looking forward to try out the nano-stakes today! Let's hope they launch NL10 within the next week. I was rockin' the RUSH tables, let's crush ZOOM! :D
  • Mopenza


    must try out :) see u at tables :) dose anyone knows is HUD working there?
  • JohanRember


    ouff, and Im on the .eu client that has not yet released it... :(


    no hud for me
  • Harleyps


    ZOOM suckks!! Rush come back please!!


    Zoom is better than Rush.
  • dreamer14


    is hud working for hem1?
  • Flashman1849


    For me, paying a site to use a concept they've stolen from a competitor feels like receiving stolen property. This is pretty low, PokerStars.
  • ThatGuyMatt


    #7 - What don't you like about Zoom compared to Rush? Looks identical to me
  • MikesekCZE


    will there be Zoom poker MTTs?
  • EuanM


    I wouldn't say it's as easy as saying it's stolen. I really don't know what went on behind the scenes.

    The staff at FullTilt who implemented rush were not hired by stars to do the same thing? Could these people rely on their employer after Black Friday to provide? Or which industry shall they go to instead on such short notice?

    Stars did not move in straight away - perhaps they waited for the patent to expire and moved in when FTP could not re-buy their patent for the concept...

    Also I wouldn't put it past FTP to sell such a product to their largest competitor after the company went down - that seems quite reasonable considering their position - and they probably kept rights to use it themselves when they are back up anyway.

    My view is there was an open-market for this product provided all the necessary legal avenues we're adhered to and as long as people miss rush, they will play zoom. And the player pools being maxed out since this morning is a good sign for them I guess :)

    Hope everyone enjoys and do leave us your thoughts about it here and in the forum!
  • stripofbacon


    #13 - didn't PokerStars say that FullTilt had not patented rush?
    i mean they couldn't be that stupid..
  • EuanM


    I think in any case PokerStars were quite fair in waiting more or less a full year after FTP went down.

    I'm not entirely sure if it was patented by FTP I think it potentially could be and the delay is caused by some kind of deal being made but that's simply speculation on my part, but I would think many other Poker sites would implement a similar product if it were not patented - this enforces the idea of a deal being made for the product in my view.

    As far as the launch of higher stakes on ZOOM, it looks like it's being rolled out in ascending order of stakes.
  • acerbikas


    As far as I remember, whenever you logged on to FTP to play Rush Poker, there would be a line somewhere below on the image, stating "Patent pending". While I am not well-versed in law, I think it pretty much says Stars has the green light.
  • Flashman1849


    You guys make several good points - I'm a little blinded by loyalty to FTP, with their innovative ideas, and of course their generous rakeback :) I'd certainly rather play there.
  • Phoenix2104


    "I think in any case PokerStars were quite fair in waiting more or less a full year after FTP went down."
    Apparently they couldn't had done it earlier for some reason. I can't see any "fairness" in PokerStars behavior since they have used every immoral tactic in order to finish off FTP for good, including blog posts, etc.
    The simple fact is that FTP was offering players more than PS does and if they keep the same policy when they come back they will regain their position in no time.
  • Saka000


    Tou can play NL10 NOW!!!!!!!
    Lets gooooooooooo!!!!!
  • meprook


    you have chosen the worst theme available
  • Saka000


    You think on theme on htese pictures
    #20 meprook???
  • diogocyrineu


    any notice with zoom poker torneys?
  • diogocyrineu


    #17 I agree with u that they were innovative and really liked it too, but the new company will not hold the same employees neither the same philosophy... So, thats already dead even if FTP comes back.
  • Flashman1849


    No, I think FTP's new management will certainly recognise that the site's philosophy, look-and-feel, and fun innovative atmosphere was a huge part of the brand's appeal to players. Playing there always felt like being in the Wild West, defying PokerStars' near-monopoly and too-slick corporate feel.