Why Eugene Katchalov won't be playing the WSOP

In today's Daily Rewind we find out why Eugene Katchalov is missing the WSOP and Gus Hansen has one of his biggest ever losing days.

Katchalov to miss the WSOP

Eugene's ready for his close up
Despite enjoying a rush of form that saw him finish 19th in the latest $10,300 SCOOP Main Event, Eugene Katchalov won't be trying parlay his $36,463 winnings into something more at the WSOP.

According to a recent interview with iGaming.org, the Ukrainian born pro will be missing out on this summer's festivities in order to take part in a TV show.

Since moving to the US as a child Eugene has helped raise the profile of poker in Ukraine and his appearance in an as yet unnamed TV show is just another example of that.

Because of the demands of the show most of Eugene's summer will be taken up by filming, but it doesn't seem to be too much of a concern for the PokerStars pro:

"I agreed upon doing a national TV show months ago, knowing it would cost me most of the summer. As much as I hate missing [the WSOP], it does take place every year. I'll definitely be back in 2015."

Online poker isn't addictive

Another positive for poker
A Norwegian study into the effects of problem gambling has shown that poker is a low risk activity.

Conducted by the Norwegian Lotteries and Gambling Authority and brought to light by Pokerfuse, the report surveyed 10,000 gamblers and found that only 4.7% had played online poker and that 0.2% had made large wagers ($4,600+) in the last 12 months.

Beyond this, researchers at The University of Bergen used the Canadian Problem Gambling Index to determine how potentially addictive the game is.

After analysing the data they discovered that online poker scored 1.09 out of 10, which is significantly lower than other gambling activities such as bingo (8.33).

News that online poker is a low risk endeavour when it comes to addiction is certainly a positive step the game's image in both Norway and the industry as a whole.

Good vs. Evil

Poker parody king SrslySirius has been at it again recently with another comical swipe at some of the game's biggest adversaries.

Dubbed 'Pokerman' and based on Mike McDermott from Rounders and Neo from the Matrix, the writer's latest character has been created to fight against the evil forces waging war against online poker.

Featuring cameos from Sheldon 'Bane' Adelson, Teddy KGB and Chris 'Card Thrower' Ferguson, the video is very funny and we can only hope SrslySirius decides to make it into a complete movie.

Question of the Day

"Why do you think online poker achieved such a low score on the risk of addiction survey conducted by Norwegian researchers?"


The Gus Hansen profit train came to a grinding halt last night after he lost virtually all of the money he made on Sunday and Monday. After grinding through 4,388 hands, the Danish pro eventually logged off with a $1,169,195 deficit; a loss which made him yesterday's biggest loser by a margin of almost $1 million.

After moving from table-to-table, Hansen's biggest single losing round of action came during a $1,500/$3,000 Mixed game where he lost $302,124 over the course of 605 hands.

Benefitting the most from Hansen's latest downswing was Alex Luneau. The French pro managed to scoop $318,109 to finish ahead of hasufly and Viktor Blom on the profit leaderboard.

Alex Luneau
Viktor Blom$231,893
Gus Hansen
Chun Lei Zhou$253,193

Daily Signoff

For today's Daily Signoff we see future TV star Eugene Katchalov extract maximum value with pocket aces against Sam Trickett.

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  • Vip3rNZ


    I thought when I saw you had writen "Addition" in place of addiction in the "online poker isin't addictive" article.

    Then I saw it again in the question of the day, I think someone edited the one in the article ( unless I'm seeing things which is very possible it is 5am lol ).

    The one in the question of the day is still there tho. :D You did mean Addiction right?
  • JimC6


    God damn it Gus! What happened to the comeback?

    The irony having the part about poker being low risk and not being addictive while just below Gus has lost 1.1 million after continuing to play games he can't beat is pretty funny.
  • faronel


    The usage of the questionnaire was redundant. It was already established that the majority of the study group did not play poker nor made any significant bets when they did. This way the majority will report that poker is not an issue for them (in comparison to other gambling experiences).

    From the other point of view, we cannot yet conclude that poker itself isn't addictive when gamblers simply prefer other gambling experiences more.
    One argument for the study results is that poker room's dynamics may reinforce addictive behavior slower than the usual casino e-room would. As much as I have worked with (clean, without drug issues - because it is another story) gamblers, majority of them reported "getting hooked" to gambling after their first major wins. This is when the brain makes the connection between gambling experience itself (the lucky win) and brain's understanding that experience is crucial to existence and must be repeated. Consecutive (and even smaller wins) continue to reinforce already established connection, hence leading people to compulsively continue gambling. Poker rooms' dynamics, on the other hand, will leave a gambler without a major win for a while (e.g. a gambler who simply makes bets according to gambling fallacy, is unlikely to win a bigger GTD tournament). Also speed interactivity maybe of an issue. In e-casino you have all those wonderful bars, buttons etc to engage in the gambling process every few seconds. In poker, you are forced sometimes to wait minutes for a hand to be finished. To make a comparison, higher-end buy-in HUs would probably be the purest gambling experiences for gamblers. But: 1) the doubling their win is not as effective as making it 10-100x times in a slot game; 2) do gamblers even find their way to higher-end HU games? After all, not all can buy themselves in like Gus does. :)
  • piresromeu


    @3 huge favorite vs the norwegians.
    i think the study is rigged lol
  • Aerox232


    online poker isn`t addictive because you have to put so much time in it.