$11 Progressive Knockout Win Analysis with ICMIZER 2

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11
  • Fullring
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First part of the victory run review of $11 Progressive Knockout tournament played by our hero on PokerStars. Hands are being reviewed using the ICMIZER 2 software. Enjoy!


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Comments (9)

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  • ShovingLoose


    Great video again. Can't wait for the next video from you Collin!
  • ApriliaRSV4


    This is a series. How many parts are planned?
  • Yemira


    Hero's making some questionable plays but is running hot. Enjoyed the video nevertheless, when is the next part coming out?
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks guys! This is a 2-part series, I'm not sure when Part 2 is coming out but should be soon :)
  • SawyerNS


    Hi Collin, nice video, wonder if that (25:21) spot we achieving much w this 3-Bet, when we IPO up against 34bb or so. Should this be a leak when our top range heavily lean towards a Cold Call Vs Iso in similar spot?
  • SawyerNS


    Also, which mark our stack should reach when it's okayish to Bounty Hunt like in (18:39) Jh5h Spot; By the way, not really understand why we do this, when mostly 11-34bb behind way to many 3-Bet Shows stacks;
  • Dit0Filho


    Nice job, Collin!
  • Malcolmx443


    Great video again! Lookin forward watching the 2nd part!
  • MarinaOrel


    Like most of ur videos,Collin, but this one i dont know...Is this PKO tourney? If yes, how we can analyz this without any info about our opponents boutny in every hand? Also no info about our opponents' stats, tendensys etc...Good analyz for vacuum mtt, but for PKO...