Lowstakes 45-Man Analysis in ICMIZER 2

  • Recorded coachings
  • SNG
  • $3 - $5
  • Fullring
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Collin goes through hand histories of $3.50 45-Man SNGs discussing strategy and ICM spots. Get the ICMIZER 2 today and improve your understanding of ICM.


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  • volian


    i am playing live poker tournaments for a while. There are usualy about 50 players in a tourney, the starting stack is 10 000 chips (blinds start form 25/50) and the blind levels are 20 minutes. The format is mostly freezout. There are 6 to 8 places payed.
    Most of the players aren't very strong.
    I have watched many training videos here, but i am wondering which ones would best correspond to the kind of live game i am playing.
    I beg for advise. How do you think, which online game is best to learn from and apply the strategy on my live game.
  • CollinMoshman


    Volian, I think that all of the tourney content on Pokerstrategy will be applicable. Deeper-stacked formats like many that Honigmund features will be best for the early stages, and MTTSNGs videos will show shorter stacked play including many with similar payout structures such as this 45-man coaching where 7 are paid. Hope that helps, and gl in your live tournies!
  • volian


    Thanks a lot! I will follow your recommendations!
  • joseAKQ


    excelente video y gracias por dedicar un rato de tu valioso tiempo. saludos
  • Sagitario521


    Hola y buen video ya que enseña buenos tip para el juego
  • joseAKQ


    hola, si en algun momento llega hacer entrenamiento en vivo avisa.
  • AnLdf


    this is great