Brush up on basic poker maths

We all have leaks in areas that could be plugged and when it comes to maths that goes double, so don't miss this poker maths primer.

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In October our coach la55i launched his low stakes coaching service as well as telling us more in an interview with him. 

This week he has produced another video aimed at bring you up to speed on a very important topic, one which many players are too embarrassed to ask about - basic poker maths.

If you feel you need a fine tune in this area, he covers:

  • Odds and outs
  • Implied odds
  • Setting up a shove
  • Bet size management
  • Required fold equity
  • EV calculations

If you enjoyed this video and want to get hands on, our coach is doing a special €20 starter pack this month only as well as special offers on video reviews, check out la55i's coaching thread for more details.

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    Ahh, too bad it requires silver status.