Combining trading and Spin & Go with TheLittleFish

We chat to our Diamond member who not only topped the $15 Spins winning rankings but is an active trader and YouTuber.

TheLittleFish poker

What brought you to SpinLegends?

TheLittleFish: I had just finished my staking contract with and I didn’t like what I saw in the HUSNG community it the time. There wasn’t much action at the higher stakes and due to the divisions structure it’s harder to move up as well. were just introducing Spin & Go staking at this time so I decided to try them (without any success).

I really enjoyed playing Spin & Go’s and I could see that here is where the potential is and the barrier to enter the higher stakes is easier compared to HUSNGs. I really enjoyed my time with but I felt I wanted a change of scenery to freshen things up. After looking around I saw that Coffeeyay was one of the main coaches at SpinLegends so I decided to apply and see what I would be offered. I really liked everything SpinLegends had to offer and I was already used to Coffeeyay's coaching so I joined.

There must have been plenty of crossover skills between Spins and HUSNGS?

TheLittleFish: I don’t think there is another format that could prepare you any better for Spins than HUSNGs. Once you get down to two handed it’s basically a HUSNG so my previous experience came very handy and has helped me get off to a great start.

"You need a solid pre/postflop foundation"

Congrats by the way on topping our $15 Spin cEV rankings, by the way.

TheLittleFish: This is great, and it made me really happy. It has also given me a lot of confidence that I am on the right track and hopefully I can get on the top list at the higher stakes.

What would you attribute to getting you to the top of that ranking?

TheLittleFish: I think the main reasons is having a solid foundation both preflop/postflop from all positions, knowing how to adapt to certain player types and then controlling your emotions whilst you’re playing. If you have an overall solid basic game with emotional control, you’ll beat the lower levels with ease. Spinlegends helped a lot in this area with their preflop charts and coaching sessions.

spinlegends winners

"Trading & poker require emotional control"

In your YouTube videos you mention getting into trading, is it as similar to poker as people make out?

TheLittleFish: I am just in the theory stages of day trading using paper money however there are quite a few similarities. I think the main one being emotional control. You won’t make any money in poker or day trading by gambling. You need to be able to control your emotions, so you can think logically about each situation you are in to give you the best chance of making money. Studying poker has helped me greatly in this area, but it has also helped me improve the way I learn/think about other subjects as well.

What is about trading that interests you?

TheLittleFish: I have always been interested in the stock market, so I am very keen in both day trading and long-term investing. I follow quite a few people that make a lot of money from day trading and it has a lot of potential. I see it as a skill set that once learnt can be used for the rest of your life. Comparing to poker (if you’re able to make the top 10%) you can make a lot of money with less variance. Plus it’s always nice to make money from different avenues.

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TheLittleFish's graph (click to enlarge)

"I want to reach a bigger audience than just poker"

Are the Spins a buffer between trading and quitting your normal job?

TheLittleFish: Technically I am now a full time “pro”. I lost my full-time job due to the company going bankrupt, so poker is helping me provide an income. I wouldn’t say I want to do poker full time as I think I would burn out and get bored if playing 10 hours every day along with all the studying. Saying that I do love poker for more of a part time business where I commit 5-6 hours a day and use the other part of my day for trading etc. Doing both helps keep it fresh for me.

Finally, you make videos about Spin & Go on your YouTube channel, what do you get out of that?

TheLittleFish: I wanted to do a blog that would reach more than just the poker community. I think a lot of people from poker should look into trading/investing and people from trading/investing should look into poker. Both have great benefits depending on your circumstance, but I would say poker is a lot easier to start with if you want to make money quickly. Doing YouTube would help reach more people that may be interested in my journey/results. I also find it a lot more excited than a traditional blog.

Thinking about getting staked?

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