Jason Somerville reaches 10 million Twitch views

We round-up the stories you may have missed, including Terrence Chan's latest MMA fight and protestors causing a stink at an Australian casino.

Somerville hits new milestone

jason somerville twitch streamer
Jason Somerville

'jcarver' once again proved he is miles ahead of the competition on Twitch, this time by hitting the 10 million views milestone. The first poker account to do that. 

This is still a long way to go compared to the traditional gamer streams, however. As PokerFuse pointed out, the top Twitch stream is 'riotgames' with over 800 million views, whereas the top YouTube stream belongs to 'TheDiamondMinecart' with over six billion views. 

However, Somerville is still light years ahead of anyone currently in poker and has the drive, ambition and gaming background to no doubt become one of the top overall accounts on Twitch. 

Terrence Chan wins again

The poker world is eagerly awaiting Busquet vs Alvarado, as well as Bilzerian vs bike, but until then they can enjoy another Terrence Chan MMA bout. 

The poker player and podcast host travelled to Manilla for another MMA pro bout, this time against Joco Mabute. 

Chan won again in quite dominant fashion, and you can watch the match here:

Protestors hang poop on Star City Casino

Yes you read that correctly. Over in Sydney, Australia, protestors have been out in force to oppose the city's controversial 'lockout' law, which has prohibited the opening times and alcohol sales of many bars, clubs and restaurants, in order to stop drunken violence. 

The measures have been said to have caused a number of businesses to close, but one of the few venues exempt from this law was the Star City Casino. Something which angry protestors believe might be due to a six-figure political donation from the owner

So what better way to protest about this apparent double standard than to place an enormous fake turd on the entrance of the casino? If you have a better protest, let us know. 

Star City reclaim the streets
The scene from Star City last week

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