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How to play the 5th street


In this article
  • Hi-hands lose value drastically
  • How to continue playing Hi-hands
  • How to play strong Lo-hands
The bet size doubles to become a big bet on the 5th street and you’ll often be faced with the decision to either continue playing the hand or to give it up at this point. You have to give up many hands which you could call with on the 4th street because the bet size has doubled and one of your opponents could have improved his hand.

Hi-hands lose value drastically, since Lo-hands could be completed by now and Lo-hands can become the losing hand if someone has a stronger Lo-hand. Just as on any other street and with every additional card, you have to observe how your opponents’ hands develop, how they change their way of playing their hand, and how that fits your assumption about their hand.

Hands you should definitely give up are three-card-draws which haven’t improved to a draw at least. For example a flush-, straight-, or Lo-draw.

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