The Psychology of Poker

Understanding the rules and the maths of poker is one thing, understanding people and yourself is, however, equally important.


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The importance of psychology

Poker psychology takes two forms, one is understanding the motivations and traits of your opponents. The more you understand these mental poker tells, the more you can exploit them for your own profit.

The second, arguably more important element, is understanding your own mindset. Poker has a lot of variance in it, and many players struggle to deal with the fact that it is a game where you can do everything right and still lose. Bad beats can cause even the best players to go on poker tilt, which can be the most costly leak in your game.

Thankfully we take poker psychology very seriously here at and have a number of poker psychology videos from our top pros, as well as our regular mindset coaches ErikStenqvist and Schnitzelfisch.

We also have lots of content from JaredTendler and our editor BarryCarter, who co-authored The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2, the definitive book on understanding poker psychology.

Before you embark on our poker psychology videos, it is much more important to work on the fundamentals of poker like the rules, the maths and the strategies. However when you have those mastered, and in particular if you are struggling to cope with the variance or are feeling the effects of poker tilt, then you should start to watch our poker psychology videos and articles.