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How to play the 7th street


In this article
  • Bluffing is almost always useless
  • Value bet only when someone can actually call you
  • If nobody can call you, you should check/call
Everything has been decided by the 7th street - the seventh card is your last card. This means that you either have a hand or you don’t. There are no more possibilities for improving your hand and if you haven’t hit anything so far, the only option to win the pot is by bluffing.

Just as on any other street, you have to ask where you are in the hand, how strong your hand is and how strong your opponents’ hands are. Which direction did they head earlier? Did they head for the Lo or Hi end and which direction might their strong hand be, or how likely it is that the 7th street helped them?

You have an easy decision to make if you have nothing, but this usually doesn’t happen too often because you’d normally fold these hands by now. However, it might happen once in a while and a possible scenario is the following: you started on the third street with three Lo-cards that are both connected and suited. The 4th street brought another low card of the same suit, so you’d obviously stay in the hand with a straight-, flush- and Lo-draw. Normally you'd have to fold in these situations, unless you think you can bluff your opponents. This is rarely the case though. However, these easy folds are not that common. Usually you are faced with much tougher decisions.

That's not the entire article...

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