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Check Behind with Initiative on the Flop

1. Table of contents

2. Introduction

  • 2.1 Why should you want to check behind?
  • 2.2 Theoretical principle of the check behind play
  • 2.3 The mathematics and hard/soft facts
  • 2.4 Psychological aspects of checking behind

3. Equity Shift

  • 3.1 What does equity shift mean?
  • 3.2 Implications of equity shift for the check behind strategy

4. Different hand types for check behind play

  • 4.1 Strong made hands
  • 4.2 Weak made hands
  • 4.3 Good draws
  • 4.4 Weak draws
  • 4.5 Weak hands with a little showdown value
  • 4.6 Total air

5. When is it bad to check behind?

  • 5.1 Strong made hands
  • 5.2 Trash hands
  • 5.3 When the c-bet makes the rest of the hand easy to play
  • 5.4 Hands that need to three-barrel
  • 5.5 When the flop structure creates good fold equity

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Comments (5)

#1 angryded, 03 May 11 12:53

Great article, but very few information about turn play after flop checkb.

#2 dusicahetzel, 24 Jun 11 14:23

yes, i agree...

#3 Pouserly2, 12 Aug 11 10:26


#4 Pouserly2, 12 Aug 11 10:27

end i agree

#5 taavi1337, 23 Oct 11 16:22

liked it a lot