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StrategyFixed Limit

Check/Raise River With Initiative


In this article
  • Check/raise on the river with initiative as a value line
  • Purpose and use of this line
  • Suitable cards and opponents

A lot of hands you play as a TAG unfold along a similar scheme: raise pre-flop, bet flop, bet turn. Due to this Fixed Betting Sequence (a betting sequence that is played the same, disregarding the board, your hand or the opponent), you will often find yourself on the river with a weak hand and initiative.

The problem out of position

You often have no other choice but checking on the river, even though you have initiative, simply because your hand is too weak for a value bet, but too strong for a bluff (A high, for example). This check is either a check/fold, or a check/call (when you think your opponent is bluffing). This boils down to the fact that your opponent may decide to bet if you check the river with initiative, either as value bet against A high, or as a bluff.

A check on the river that always plays out as check/fold or check/call is poorly balanced and an indicator of a weak hand. Your opponent can exploit such a leak by making thin value bets, or by bluffing in the right spots.

Theoretically, check/raise river with initiative should be in your repertoire. Aside from the direct extra value you can generate, this will force your opponents to refrain from making thin value bets against you in the future, which can save you money in a lot of situations.


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