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Concepts: Calldown


In this Article
  • Requirements for calling with a made hand
  • Formula for the EV of a calldown
  • Guidelines for practical game
  •  In this article, the term „made hand“ will refer to a hand with showdown value and just a few outs.
  •  Working with probabilities and expected values in poker often requires making good estimates about what has already been observed as well as a good understanding of people. For this reason, some values in this article are given as speculative values derived from experience or are simply assumptions made for argument's sake. Since these calculations are concerned with the order of the values and not the exact numbers, this speculation is justified.

  • A good player stands out because he is a TAG. That is, he has a moderate WentToSD value and a high aggression factor (Though these numbers on their own do not make a winning player. On the other hand, if they deviate too far from the optimum it is usually found that the player can only beat very weak opponents in the long run). A high aggression factor means that most actions are either folds (checks) or bets (raises). Calls should usually be avoided. From the beginner's section, it should be known that calls only make sense for a drawing hand when you have the necessary odds. Furthermore, since poker is a game of incomplete information situations can arise where one should call with a made hand, usually until the showdown, which is notable because it is there that the switch to complete information is made. It is these situations that we will examine more closely in this article. We will start with post-flop situations where the hero can (or must) choose between calling, raising, or folding.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (5)

#1 tomzyb, 27 Aug 10 13:29

Poor article... So many mistakes reader can hardly (or not at all) understand what author is trying to say :(
Also some half made calculations with results that doesn't match.

Please some FL coach go trough this article and make it correct!

#2 David, 31 Aug 10 09:57

@1: Hi tomzyb, thanks for you feedback. We will have a closer look at this article.

#3 ZeroDegrees, 22 Aug 11 05:24

The link to Ed Millers post in 2+2 doesn't work anymore. Can someone who found it please tell us where it is? Thx!

#4 David, 22 Aug 11 08:15

@3: Thank you, link fixed :)

#5 Tarhonya, 09 Nov 12 23:54

Really great content, but poorly written article. The examples are full of grammatical and logical mistakes.