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Heads-up IP: Raise Turn or Raise Flop?


In this article
  • Why not to raise on the flop
  • Why to raise on the turn
  • When to raise on the flop

This article will focus on a very specific situation: you are in position on the flop, but your opponent has the initiative. This situation can arise when you raise pre-flop and then call a 3-bet from one of the blinds, or after you call a steal raise from the SB or BB.

We will look at hands that are strong enough for a raise in certain spots and ignore cases in which you have an easy fold or an equity based calldown with a hand that has marginal showdown value.

We will address the question of whether or not you should raise on the flop, or simply call and keep the option of raising on the turn open.

Keep in mind that you don't have to follow through with the line call flop, raise turn to the bitter end. You can switch to calldown mode or even fold depending on the turn card. This may seem fairly obvious, but you will see just how important this can be.

Before we can begin addressing our subject matter, we have to ask ourselves: What makes a hand raiseable?


That's not the entire article...

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