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Post-flop: How do You Play Draws on the Flop?


In this article
  • How to determine the strength of a draw
  • When to play aggressively and when to play passively
  • Why a semi-bluff must generate fold equity
  • How to adjust your game based on the number of opponents in the hand

The flop is, without question, a decisive moment in a poker hand. You need to estimate your hand's strength as accurately as possible in order to make the correct decisions on the later streets.

You can either have a made hand, a draw, or absolutely nothing once the flop has been revealed. We won't bother discussing trash hands, since there isn't much to say other than, "fold."

You don't want to just fold when you have a made hand or a draw. But you can't know how to play such a hand if you don't know exactly how strong it is and where you stand with it.

This article will deal with post-flop play when you have a drawing hand. Be sure to also read the article: How do You Play Made Hands on the Flop?

The strength of a drawing hand depends on the number of discounted/modified outs you have. You must discount your outs appropriately in order to be able to choose the right line on (and after) the flop.

If you aren't sure what is meant by 'odds and outs', or if you need to freshen up before continuing with this article, you can take a look at the article on the Mathematics of Poker

The following factors play a key role in determining the strength of your hand:

  • The board texture
  • The number of opponents you are facing and their playing style
  • Your position
  • Your opponents' actions

That's not the entire article...

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