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StrategyFixed Limit

Post-flop: Basic Hand Reading


In this article
  • Theory and practice of hand reading.
  • 4 basic player types.
  • Betting sequencies.

Incomplete Information

In contrast to chess, where all information is known, we lack some knowledge in poker and are therefore unable to make perfect decisions. We do not know our opponent's hand and we do not know the future community cards.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (11)

#1 manwithn0name, 20 Apr 08 00:13


#2 mouse89, 06 Oct 08 14:43


#3 magacz, 13 Nov 08 16:13

In Raised Pot section:
"In these cases one must not be afraid to go against them, if they consist of T 8."

What does it mean?

#4 Pirokunn, 30 Jan 09 09:11

You should call a possible blind steal with T8s ? xD

#5 kevvu, 07 May 09 14:03

Yeah u should;)

#6 YourDoom, 10 Sep 10 12:35

Is this article for fixed limit???

If so I am mega-loose and mega-aggressive...

#7 Merc190E, 10 Oct 10 05:58

same question as I have posted in the German comments already .. isnt it time to review this article or remove it altogether? Or does PS still support the idea of limp/raising AA from early positions at tight tables for example? It's contradictory to statements by video producers who recommend table selection and avoid such tables.

#8 winmaster76, 22 Nov 10 07:04

I think this article needs to be rewritten a little bit, some of the english in it isn't great.

#9 datsmahname, 27 Nov 10 15:12

A necessary topic that's difficult to cover. Page 1 has a leg up over page 2 in that regard.

I found that page 2 was a little directionless. The limp/re-raise section is long and clumsy to read at times, and the other areas were given very little space.

It looks very commonly like our writer started off strong & then either became a bit unmotivated or had a difficult time with certain areas.

#10 poompah, 24 Jan 12 12:17

This is worst article I have seen here.
It reads like a translation from another language -- using google translate.

Many linguistic errors -- many arcane phrases - no clear explanations -- a lot of talking around with nothing concrete by way of principles -- and worst of all not one example!!

Here is a bizarre phrae:
/If one only faces a single or pair of opponents/
Surely you mean:
/Against only 1 or 2 players.../

/But if our aggressive button better is checked through it's a good opportunity for a check-raise,/
maybe better:
/Against an aggressive player on the Button -- who will almost always bet when checked to -- you should check-raise your TP weak-kicker type hands./

/One often hits some tactical maneuvers here...there may be exceptions where no such skirmishing occurs, but then there are also no made hands
This language is not modern English -- I am not even sure it makes sense!!

Page 2 needs a complete re-write -- with clear examples explaining the principles of hand-reading -- using player profiles, the board and the betting sequence.
In this way the article may match the high standard you have set elsewhere.
As it stands -- this is very bad.

#11 smiler82, 13 Mar 12 14:10

The same as #3:
In Raised Pot section:
"In these cases one must not be afraid to go against them, if they consist of T 8."

What does it mean?..???
Is anybody there to give an explanation?