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Pre-flop: Starting Hands and Equity incl. Big Blind Defense

1. Introduction

In this article
  • Background information: Equity and Modified Outs
  • Background information: Equity and ORC (Open Raising Chart)
  • Implications in various situations

This article will take a look - both at the surface and in depth- at the concept of equity, or rather, determining the probability that a hand will win and putting this knowledge to use with respect to your pre-flop game equity and the ORC. This is an article that you should most definitely read, re-read, and re-read again.

It is imperative that you have developed a solid post-flop game; there is no sense in pressing out a minimal pre-flop edge just to lose it with poor play after the flop.

Don't be deceived when the article refers to seemingly trivial and obvious concepts. The difficulty lies in correctly interpreting how various aspects interplay and putting the theory to practice. There is rarely a single, correct answer.

To keep things from getting too abstract, we will start with an example and go on to simplify the concepts and strategy.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (3)

#1 Berkstajger, 26 Nov 09 20:31

Great article!

Now I only have to read it for a couple of times again and I can start using it. :D

#2 datsmahname, 02 Jun 11 17:22

I often see people discuss the difference between pushing a small edge and delaying to see the flop for example... but its often a bit of a fuzzy distinction.

How can we get a concrete answer as to whether or not its better to exploit our expected value and "maximise every equity edge as early as possible by raising preflop"* or delay, see the flop, and act accordingly.

*See Starting Hands - Expert Theory

#3 UnMarc, 22 Dec 13 21:18

Site looks great BUT one thing I hate more than anything is when sites try to "scam" you to buy their stuff with "freebies" I said, "you cant read whole article before signing up for free" (something like that. I just did that and 2 lines came and then it said you have to pay to read the rest! I feel lied to when I was promised something and didn't get it, just say in the beginning that you need money to make this site work and I would gladly have paid but now, NO WAY!!! Sorry but be honest instead of this waste of time. Again great site but....