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What accessories do you need?

You're not complete without...

For a real game of poker, you need more than just the cards. You will, of course, need chips, as well as a stop clock or blind timer. Here we'll give you an overview of everything you must have, as well as some things which are not strictly necessary, but are nice to have in order to provide an authentic poker atmosphere and make life simpler.


The most important accessory for playing poker, because you can't really do anything without some chips. For a normal home game of poker, it is recommended that you have at least 500 chips, which you can get (amongst others) from the PokerStrategy-Shop.

There is nothing wrong with buying a bigger case, which will allow for larger poker games, and the price difference is not that significant.


Cards are normally included in a poker suitcase, however they are not always made of plastic. Cards made from cardboard can quite easily become damaged and are thus identified by the players in a game situation. You should, therefore, either buy a case which has plastic cards or get an additional set of cards.


Like playing cards, a dealer button is usually included within a poker suitcase. For a more professional poker atmosphere, the dealer button with integrated blind timer is recommended and available at the PokerStrategy-Shop.


With a blind timer, the duration of the blind levels is always in view. This is much better than having someone continually asking: "Should we increase the blinds now?" A normal stop-clock is also sufficient for this purpose.


It is not necessary to have a special table for poker, since a standard one allows you to play just as well. If you play regularly, however, then it is a good investment since you gain the fun authentic atmosphere that comes with a special poker table.


Comments (11)

#4 Jackalof, 02 Jul 09 20:06

Not ok. You can't play without beer. Can I acquire beer in PS Shop?

#5 nathanrenard, 26 Aug 09 14:19

I Agree with Jackalof

#14 ReaZoN999, 16 Jan 11 04:16

Lmao ya beer indeed

#15 rustyVI, 27 May 12 02:14

dont forget the topless waitress, and a few hookers for the early losers

#16 tagant, 02 Feb 14 23:12

I Agree with rustyVI

#17 trzasku, 19 Feb 14 20:01

I agree with rustyVI (#15), but better don't drink while playing ;) Thanks for the article!

#18 ShawnlovesShawn, 24 Jul 14 07:19

Cool! Now I can start my own underground poker scene! Lol.

#19 Dedees89, 20 Oct 14 01:14


#20 StrategyLofthouse, 22 Mar 15 13:36

There are different quality of chips at different prices. I would recommend paying a little bit extra for good quality poker chips. It will be a be a better poker experience than playing with the lightweight plastic chips.

#21 warrenlight, 23 Mar 15 17:57

Got it

#22 MrPink578, 21 Nov 15 12:10

Meh, Don't have an actual "poker table". Oh well.