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The Middle and Late Phases


In this article
  • Play tight in the middle and late phases
  • How to resteal

The middle and late phases of a tournament are the most complicated phases. When should you go all-in, when should you get out of the way? At some point you will also have to take the time to become familiar with the Independent Chip Model (ICM), the mathematical basis for the strategy used in these phases.

On the other hand, the ICM is a complex matter and can be pretty confusing at first. You therefore probably want  something more concrete like you have for other poker formats.

This article will help you develop a solid strategy to follow once you've made it past the early phase. We will place less emphasis on example hands and more on basic principles that every good tournament player should apply in his game.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (18)

#1 Hamlet77, 08 Oct 09 15:09

Are the re-steal charts ok? The example 5 and 6 do not seem to match what the chart says... or I am not understanding something.

#2 zmilko, 05 Nov 09 00:00

You have to look out for your opponents reads all so

#3 Koshburger, 29 Jan 10 11:20


#4 Pokerperox, 12 Mar 10 23:42

I know this may sound stupid, but are the re-steal charts applicable for 1 table S'n'Gs ?

#5 k6ukns, 28 Mar 10 19:50

how or where can i download these charts?

#6 shumacher96, 25 Jul 10 07:15

pokerperox, these are not profitable desisions for a 1 table SnG because the blinds would not be as big and are also played differently from MTTs

#7 Joshimoto, 12 Nov 10 00:19

There are Push and Fold charts, and rebound charts for S'n'Gs, under the S'n'G strategies

#8 Huckebein, 12 Nov 10 11:59

Hi guys,

you can find the corresponding SnG-charts in http://www.pokerstrategy.com/strategy/sng/787/1/

#9 7Girto7, 27 Dec 10 00:38

Is it profitable to use these charts in case I am not observing players? For instance if play many tables!

#10 Huckebein, 30 Dec 10 11:13

@9: The charts will help you for sure in decision making, but it is always best to watch cautiously what is happening at your tables!

#11 SPADES1, 24 Apr 11 10:22

I appreciate the article, just a little remark: usual standar raises in late phases of an MTT are nowadays even smaller, let's say from 2.1 to 2.4 the pot especcially when SS at the table are noumerous. Consequently also re-steals are smaller in size...Should one stick to news trends or keep on using the size in this article?


#12 Huckebein, 12 May 11 12:28

@11: Thanks for your hint. In general, the raisesizes here are the standard ones, but you always have to apply it to the specific table and situation you are in. An article can never cover all spots possible. So don't stick to the article in every detail, try to apply the informations given in the article at the table you are playing.

#13 dalmatinac1, 17 Jun 13 16:52

in the push-fold chart it says u should fold if some1 makes a move from an early position if u have AQ but in a re-steal chart it says i am suppose to push it with 18 bb to re steal it if some1 makes a move from an e.pos-please help

#14 Casikha177, 23 Sep 14 22:40

@13 the push chart applies to the hero being the first one to act, not re raising like the re-steal chart.

#15 Casikha177, 24 Sep 14 03:45

Btw.. If i have between 25-49 bb's what chart do i use? I see the starting hand chart for 50 + and the blind stealing for 25and under. How do i play from 25-49 bb's pertaining to re raises especially

#16 Mojumbo, 10 Mar 15 01:17

Great article!

#17 setyaida, 25 Jan 16 10:59

Ok thanks

#18 Nhoxalone, 18 Feb 16 15:54