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How to play with different stack sizes in an MTT


In this article
  • How you adapt your play to different stack sizes
  • Don't think in rigid categories - think outside the box

The first part of this article deals with the understanding of the concept of different stack sizes. This is the single greatest leak that almost every MTT player has. Many players do not understand how different they have to play with 20, 30 or 40BB stacks. MTT players tend to focus more on stack sizes as they gain experience. Nonetheless, many internationally known players have amateur level leaks in very basic game situations.

Strategy presets are only guidelines. Tournament Poker is constantly evolving, and nothing is ever black or white. There are many special situations where something completely different from the “conventional” solution is the most profitable. The very best tournament players will be able to think outside the box, and won’t be afraid to make special moves. If you want to reach the top however, it is important that you learn the basic moves and treat them with respect.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (13)

#1 MiikkaAnttonen, 17 Dec 10 15:14

I think some of this article got lost in translation as it was originally written in Finnish and someone else translated this for me (I'll be writing the future ones in English myself).

The most imporant part was probably this:

"It’s not even worth playing your strongest hands that way with the intention of slow playing. Indeed, if you just raise, you’re more or less lost on a 876-style flop."

What I originally wrote is that against mega fish you can still open 2,5x with AA-KK because they'll just flat call their BB anyway. But you probably shouldn't do that with TT or AK because too often the flop will come AK4 for TT or 876 for AK, etc.

#2 Dendra, 17 Dec 10 19:36

translations are always a nasty thing, my personal preference is to always read the original, so I'm glad you'll be doing your own stuff in eng in the future :D

(I'd say some random stuff in Finnish to greet you and look cool now, but my friends only taught me naughty lil' words, so better not use 'em here :D)

#3 Helga91, 17 Dec 10 22:19

wouldn't it worth pushing 77 from CO for 18BB?or even raise/calling

#4 Helga91, 17 Dec 10 22:19

oh its UTG,sorry,its kinda late

#5 Huckebein, 18 Dec 10 10:18

@1: Thank you for your comment Miikka. I'll contact you and then we implement the missing part :)

#6 MiikkaAnttonen, 18 Dec 10 20:07

Also I accidentally left one thing out myself: in example 3

"Blinds 500/1000, ante 100.
Hero has 18K and holds A9s in the hijack."

It's also ok to open shove here.

#7 usun, 22 Feb 11 02:14

looks like all BB ranges are based on the assumptions that standard antes are in play

#8 CRI4BRA, 22 Feb 11 18:47

you're funny mikka

check some pocketfives names for me please, see if bond15 resonates something in your mind

this article is made in usa , by the way

#9 kcdsel, 08 Apr 11 18:08

what is the hijack

#10 Svizac28, 15 May 11 12:39

hijack is position before the cutoff

#11 kcdsel, 27 Jan 12 13:23

the position before the cutoff why is it call hijack

#12 JimmyKesh, 03 Nov 14 12:00

am i the only one that found this guide confusing? maybe i should get some sleep and try to read this again tomorrow...

#13 Nhoxalone, 18 Feb 16 15:57