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Advanced open-raising


In this article
  • Why pre-flop play is important in PLO
  • How the size of your open-raise influences the way the hand develops
  • How to create a good stack-to-pot ratio

Many players think pre-flop play is far less important than post-flop play in Omaha games, since the various starting hands all have almost equal equity. This however is only partly correct.

The first betting round is the round in which information is gathered and various lines are used to pave the way for the action on later streets.

The pot size limit in PLO has a strong effect on how players bet in the course of the hand and, inevitably, on your implied odds and reverse implied odds.

And this is where having the right pre-flop open-raising strategy becomes advantageous. Setting the price for the flop allows you to actively influence the number of players in the hand, and the size of the pot respectively.

These two factors logically have a very strong influence on the relative strength of your hand. A queen high flush draw is worth a lot more in a heads-up pot than in a multi-way pot. Inversely, a nut flush draw in a multi-way pot has much better implied odds than in a heads-up pot, since it is more likely that one of the players will have a weaker flush.

Many players, including winning players, underestimate the opportunities that can be created with a solid pre-flop game, and neglect this simple way of adapting your game in order to avoid running into difficult situations at the poker tables.

It is definitely worth taking the time to perform an exact analysis of pre-flop play in PLO. Let's start with a look at various hand types and the options you have when open-raising.

A few general things to remember:

  • In a pot limit game you have to manipulate the pot from the start
  • You can influence the course of the hand by varying the sizes of your open-raises
  • This affects your implied odds and reverse implied odds

That's not the entire article...

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Comments (3)

#1 Jackalof, 26 Apr 10 12:47

Nice article, well written.

#2 simm1, 30 Apr 10 12:54

Really good article :)

#3 starclutter, 20 Jun 11 06:21

really good article n think will help me play PLO a lot more profitable