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Flop play - Basic Concepts


This article explains
  • Continuation bets
  • Made hands
  • Drawing hands
  • Combination hands

The flop game in Omaha is very different from No-Limit Hold'em. Made hands are practically never slowplayed, because there is almost always a lot of potential scare cards. Drawing hands are either strong enough to be played aggressively from the flop, or too weak to be played at all.

Continuation bets lose a lot of strength, since opponents will call them easily. This means that to protect a made hand on the flop, you can't check/raise, but must donkbet. The following articles describes how to exploit the strength of different hands in given situations: “Preflop play Basic Concepts”, “How to Discount the Outs in Omaha”, “Drawing Hands in Omaha” and “Made Hands in Omaha”.

This article describes a lot of examples of possible hands that will help you get started in Pot-Limit Omaha. Unfortunately it is impossible to assess every possible hand combination, which is why it is important to understand this article very well, so that you will know what to do in similar situations.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (4)

#1 mouse89, 06 Oct 08 15:13


#2 Svizac28, 15 Apr 10 15:21

Really good article, thanks!

I'd like to see more info on how to play when you flop nothing but overpair, especially with pocket aces.

#3 hhpettersen, 07 Mar 11 04:50

Great article.

#4 moveon123, 01 Jan 12 01:30

well wrote article easy to follow and understand thank you for your time and effort..