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Pre-flop play: Basic Concepts


This article explains
  • Playable and unplayable hands
  • Importance of preflop hand selection
  • When to raise or limp

Since Omaha is played with 4 cards rather than 2, there is a huge number of possible starting hands. In order to know how valuable your hand is, you should pay attention to position first and foremost, as well as your hand's attributes: does it play well in a multiway pot, or do you want to have as few opponents as possible?

This article will help you understand basic pre-flop play concepts to get started in Pot Limit Omaha.

That's not the entire article...

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Comments (8)

#1 mouse89, 06 Oct 08 15:12


#2 Joshquan, 04 Aug 09 16:42

why is hand 2 a call, and hand 5 a fold? They follow similar concepts and Hand 5 is better conected?

#3 bradomurder, 20 Aug 09 02:07

I would have thought hand 5 was an easier call than hand 2. Anyone?

#4 imontiltdonk, 30 Aug 09 09:41

on hand 5 what do you want to hit. flush or straight low draws easily beat so you either lose stack to big hand or get no action if you do outdraw

#5 joehahaha, 31 Dec 10 05:16

- hand 2 can draw to nutflush (hand 5 cant)
- Hand 2 is more likely to hit maxstraight

#6 AngryJack7, 09 May 11 12:05

joe what are you writing about?
at hand we got 2 suited connectors and if we hit a low flop we are most likely on a flush or straight draw,however the quiz says its been reraised 2 times so fold is an option here,depends how you play but i would call with this hand and see what the flop brings

#7 Freeroller14, 18 Dec 12 13:02

Calling with hand 5 will mostly get you into trouble (happened to me), had 65s and 43s (CO position) there was min raise from BB, i called. flop at once brought me flush with 4 3 T 2 J, bb raised i reraised - he pushed all in. i called. he had flush with K5(T 2 J) now i'm trying not to play low suited cards becouse it gives me more - than + and this happens quite a lot :(

#8 Evante, 10 Jul 13 05:37

"Of course, there are combinations that can suit two points (e.g A-Ks-Qs-J), or even three points (e.g KKQJss). These hands are the strongest and you should not fold them against a raise, or even raise yourself." what does this means?