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At The Table


In this article
  • Which issues affect the development of your poker business
  • Why even small inefficiencies handicap your career
  • How to use resources efficiently

There are lots of guys more talented than I am at poker. But I’m striving to be the “poker player of the future,” if you will, who focuses and measures himself based on how well he does in these smaller areas. A guy could steal a pot from me and say, “I outplayed leatherass. So how did he make $1 million in a year and I made $40,000?” My answer: look at the small inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

Most poker careers end before they even get started because of lost resources that didn’t need to be wasted. As part of my ongoing series, “Where Poker Businesses Go Wrong,” I’m going to focus today on play at the table. My feeling is that inefficiency is what typically derails what would otherwise have been long-lasting poker careers.

Here are the at-the-table factors that I see most often in players who go down a wasteful path:


That's not the entire article...

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#1 Mopenza, 19 Nov 11 12:24

great article!

#2 luizsilveira, 19 Nov 11 13:00

Solid, thank you.

This guy is a great addition to Poker Strategy.

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very nice article.

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love this

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#6 1984ioc, 20 Nov 11 09:32

Thanks Dusty,as usual a very informative and well thought out article as well as very helpful.

#7 nekrikstas, 20 Nov 11 17:06

it is good article but it is all from your book :-)

#8 croyz, 07 Jul 12 18:54

That's not the whole article...

#Ouch >.<''