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The Influence of Antes on your Pushing Range in SNGs


In this article
  • How antes influence your game
  • How antes change your pushing range

Antes are forced bets that players have to pay in every hand before they get to look at their cards. Antes have to be paid by every player at the table and are not considered as bets already contributed to the pot but rather as a kind of entry fee into the hand. 

Antes are the second type of forced bets apart from the blinds. They usually become relevant in the late phase of Sit and Goes or multi table tournaments.

If there are any antes and how high they are varies from platform to platform. While there aren't any antes in Full Tilt SnGs, they do play a role at PartyPoker as of blind level 400/800. At PokerStars antes become relevant as of blind level 100/200.

It is a common mistake to underestimate the influence of antes; many players don't take them into consideration when playing. The following examples will analyse their influence in SnGs and you will learn why and how you should adjust your playing style.


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Comments (2)

#1 Arthibald1, 11 Jun 10 14:06

Very interesting, but i'd never remember that in a game!!!

#2 jmm88, 24 Jan 15 00:41

Tought one, but very good article, thanks