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StrategyNo Limit Midstack

Short Stack Strategy: Steals and Resteals


In this article
  • When you should steal
  • When you should re-steal
  • How you adjust your re-steal range



This article gives an overview of steals and re-steals when using the short stack strategy. If used correctly, both, steals, and even re-steals, can have a very high EV.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (16)

#1 Camilongo, 16 Sep 08 02:19

I don't understand the concept of "range". It's also hard for me to make sense of the main points of this article. Are there any other sources on the issue?

#2 mouse89, 06 Oct 08 14:53


#3 TheBrood, 28 Oct 08 21:31

Camilo: Range is the possible 2 cards he plays with. A very tight player will play SSS hands, and so on.

I dont understand the table on page 1

#4 ristoman, 02 Nov 08 13:14

Yup this article uses technical terms that are not well explained. I still don't understand what "fold SB/BB to steal" means, and consequently like TheBrood said, I don't understand much of the first page.

#5 daddyind, 06 Nov 08 04:08

this is a good artical but to resteal is by knowing how yr player is and some of them r not easy to resteal i have played and done it but have to be care ful and the average comes to the samw as the chart shownabove

#6 Rocketman14, 17 Nov 08 18:23

I aggree with daddyind

#7 lyly13, 25 Nov 08 10:45

read the terms in the glossary , fold sb/bb to steal means how often a player that is in SB or in BB folds to a raise ...

#8 DevilishShe, 03 Dec 08 17:43

the article is good, but I'm not able to get the chart on the first page... i can not get what it says, could somebody please write a short note on it please, so we could understand it!

#9 dzejkej, 12 Dec 08 09:26

I'm also one of the folks that don't understand the table on page 1, please add some clarification there :)

#10 gofaster, 22 Dec 08 18:34

the chart on the frist page is as follows, top line bbs percentage (pc) of callin a raise, next line ur pc of him callin u after u raise bb x 4. and last line is ur pc x 3 bb. glad i could help. (:-)

#11 vidasmile, 03 Jan 09 15:07

but the author on the top of a graf in 1 page writes, taht "BB% = Fold BB to Steal" not Call BB to steal

#12 deco99, 19 Jan 09 01:17

this is vey compicated :)

#13 Micah8270, 23 Jan 09 19:47

you have to evaluate if the "steal" is in fact a steal raise and not a raise on some good cards. so i dont think you can say it is good to make a resteal on bigblind with A8 if the stealer has done it so and so many times before, but my guidelines if the raise from a late position when you are bb is delivered very quickly it will usually be a steal because the human psychology will make players behave very secure when they are really not in order too fool the enemy

#14 Sibarta, 29 Jan 09 22:53

I tought it was just me, that i couldn't understand it. But there are more people i see. Just need to re-read it a couple of times and use the glossary like lyly13 said.

Greetz Sibarta

#15 WildBeans, 14 May 09 20:16

@9,8 & 10:
The chart on the first page shows how you profitably steal with any cards, depending on the size of your raise (the left column), and then depending on the BB fold to steal (top row), and the SB fold to steal (the values inside the table) -

as you can see the less the big blind folds, the higher the SB fold must be (in order for it to be profitable with any cards) - so at BB% of 100, the SB% can be 67 (for 3BB raise), but when the BB only folds 70% then the SB% must be 95%.

#16 Koshburger, 28 Dec 09 09:19

Easy, all you guys are dumb lolz