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How to Calculate a 'Pot Size' Raise


In this article
  • What a pot size raise is
  • How to raise to pot size
  • How to raise by size

A pot size raise is a bet/raise that gives your opponent 2:1 pot odds (at best). We'll come back to the "at best" later.

A lot of players have trouble differentiating between raising to and raising by the size of the pot. This is seen in numerous forum threads in the PokerStrategy.com Forum. This article will clear up the matter and show you two simple ways to calculate the correct amount of a pot size bet.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (13)

#1 mouse89, 06 Oct 08 14:51


#2 MancaMulas, 17 Feb 10 00:12

thank you

#3 Bogdan1190, 28 Mar 10 15:26

"You raise to $65. The pot will then be at $100 ($65 +$15 + $15 + $15)." 65 + 15 +15 +15 = 110 i din't get that part....

also in the last example before hero raises there are 20$ in the pot + 10 from player 1 + 30 from player 2 that equals to 60. i make a raise of 90 (30*2 +30 ) so in the pot there are 60 bucks plus my 90 that is 150 not 180 as it says in the article... player 2 has to call 60 in a 150 pot that givs him 2.5 pot odds. if im wrong please someone corect me :)

#4 Ectoz, 24 May 10 08:17

with a shorstack,i think the raises at the first 3 examples are already all-in,since it cost more than 1/2 your stack.am i wrong,please comment :D

#5 diutza, 24 Aug 10 12:01

this article doesn't target exactly the SSS player but its good to know

#6 Lelland, 12 Oct 10 12:12

very poor article! I think an article about pokermath should be written without any mistakes becouse this is going to irritate people so much!
for example:
EXAMPLE 2: Pot is 15, we bet 12 and villain minraises! so to raise the pot we take 3times villains raise: 3*24=72 so far so good, but now we must add the pot before villains raise!!!! so this is 15 + OUR FLOP BET WHICH WAS 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE DID THOSE 12BUCKS GO IN THE EXAMPLE?????????????????
so we raise 72+15+12!!! = 99
the pot will be 99+24+12+15=150 and villain will have to call 99-24=75 wich is 150/2, so he's getting 2:1!

#9 Ribbo, 12 Oct 10 15:48

Sorry Lelland but you are getting angry at your own math mistakes (irony n'est pas?) ;-)
I've checked over the article and it is correct on #2

Pot is 15, we bet 12
pot is 27, villain min raises putting in 24
pot is 51, we call the 12 then raise full pot.
pot is 63 after the call, so full pot raise is 63 more
pot is 126, villain needs to call 63 to have a chance at winning 126.

Pot odds of calling a pot sized raise is ALWAYS 2:1 by the way :)

#10 Lelland, 14 Oct 10 18:24

ok! not the first time I'm wrong in poker....
but in this article, at the top, it is written in red:
'To make a pot size raise, raise to: 3 * size of opponent's bet/raise + size of pot before your opponent's bet/raise was made.'

so in example 2 this would mean:
so the way i did it, was exactly the way it's written in this article...
so wheres the mistake?
I know that the joke of raising pot is to give villain 2:1, i just wrote it to suport my example...
what i dont understand is: there are several posibilities to give villain 2:1 (raise to 75 and raise to 99...) help me Ribbo!

#11 Lelland, 14 Oct 10 18:36

this is written too:
$72 (3*$24)+ $15 = $87

and I say it's wrong, it does not make any sense because our 12$ are gone! it's wrong but leads to the right conclusion!

it should be
3*12=36 (his raise minus our bet*3) + 15+12+12=39 (pot+bet+villains call before his raise) = 75
pot is 75+24+12+15=126.....
the red lighted 'how to raise pot instruction' is not specific enough ( we dont know if we should multiply his hole raise or his raise minus our bet with 3)

#12 Ribbo, 15 Oct 10 09:02

The opponents bet/raise is 12, not 24. Opponents $12 call of our $12 bet is not counted.

Therefore it is (12*3)+15+12 = 63 which is the correct answer! :)

#13 Lelland, 15 Oct 10 12:21

yes I agree and agree that my first example was wrong too!

#14 phidelity, 29 Dec 10 15:49

Example #5 is correct; However since it is in the "Raise By Potsize" section it would be best if it is re-written to use the second formula:

2 * size of opponent's bet/raise + size of the pot before your opponent's bet/raise was made = 2 * 30 + 50 = 110$

Therefore you raise by 110$, the pot will be 220$ and villain will have to pay 110$ to call getting 2:1 odds.

IMHO this would eliminate the two step process introduced in example #5 and improve simplicity/readability significantly; However you have to note that after the villain raises your bet by 30$ there is 20+15+15=50$ in the pot because (s)he sees your 15$ and raises you by 30$.

#15 mikeon2, 25 Jun 11 07:08