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StrategyNo Limit Midstack

MSS at Short-Handed Tables: Preflop


In this article
  • MSS preflop play at short-handed tables
  • Preflop open raise ranges
  • Preflop 3-bet ranges
  • 4-bet ranges when facing a 3-bet or a resteal
  • Bet sizing in different preflop situations

MSS articles are generally about full ring play, yet there are a number of problems that players face when moving up to higher limits. The following problems in particular push players to switch to short-handed tables:

  • It becomes harder to find full ring tables to play at, especially for multi-tablers
  • The field gets tougher and tougher, although at full ring tables such a tendency begins at significantly lower limits
  • Players want to play a more loose-aggressive style and have more room to manoeuver

In this article, I’ll justify my own point of view about MSS preflop play at short-handed tables, without paying attention to opponents’ statistics. In the next articles, you can read about statistics and how, in my opinion, you should adjust your ranges according to the type of opponents you have on your left.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (22)

#1 EnricoFermi, 16 Mar 12 12:45

wooowww, ty sir! It will be published more articles at the future?

#2 roopopper, 16 Mar 12 14:33

nice job sir TY !!!!:-)

#3 SvenBe, 16 Mar 12 15:23

there will be 3 more to come for postflop play

#4 surfwell1818, 17 Mar 12 09:23

Thanks izograf and PS.com.
Reading is one way to learn, but seeing a video of the theory in action is also a great way to learn and let it soak in.
Any chance of a Pokerstrategy.com MSS Pro making a video as the further reading articles are released?
Thanks again

#5 surfwell1818, 17 Mar 12 10:05

Hi....me again RE: my previous comment.
I meant a video of a recorded session playing say NL5 at Pokerstars or similar.These recorded session type videos are my GO TO when I lose my way with a theory or confidence after a poor session.
Thanks again....again

#6 peddy53, 17 Mar 12 13:01

it took me over 3 hours to translate and make tables with this content not so long ago.
Thanks PS you couldve done this a little bit earlier :)

#7 Fatality90, 26 Mar 12 10:38

nice one. one question can you give me the mathematic behind minimal equity for 4-bet shoves? so that i can make me other senarios?

#8 chimpboy, 27 Mar 12 12:49

How come this article is not listed in the Mid Stack Strategy section?

#9 chimpboy, 27 Mar 12 12:56

How come this article is not listed in the Mid stack Strategy Section?

It would be read by more people if it was listed there.

#10 orojanjivu, 15 Apr 12 21:51

How about a few words regarding brm?
40 good to go?
Keep up the good work!Lookin forward to next article.

#11 streamer74, 17 Apr 12 13:51

hi, any date for the postflop article? regards and ty in advance

#12 streamer74, 25 Apr 12 20:14

#10, some spanish coaches says 60 minimum

#13 chimpboy, 01 May 12 08:18

When will the second part of this series be released? I consider this one of the best articles on PS.

It tells what your open, 3bet and 4bet ranges should be, assumptions made about opponents ranges, equity required etc. In fact, you can use this article as a template to design your own preflop strategy.

#14 streamer74, 09 May 12 21:44


#15 streamer74, 18 May 12 12:46

this thread is dead, as the postflop article xDD

#16 noisecore, 12 Jun 12 17:56

What's the point in opening 3.5BB in MP? I consider this a leak and I think smaller sizing would be better. Also from BTN 3BB seems a bit too much since your range will be very wide here, I think it would be better to 2.5x it here and vs nits 2bb will do.

#17 Castle93, 20 Aug 12 15:00

best article ive read on MSS :D

#18 ricardojpmatos, 18 Mar 13 20:56

anyone knows if the second part will be online?

#19 Kubaiscz, 26 Mar 13 15:35

hello, i have a little qstions, when i double up, or have 60+ bb, i left tabble like in fullring?

#20 apollo540419, 08 Aug 14 19:15

Could anyone please suggest a good site for mid stack player? Look like they ban MSS from playing when publishing buy-in obligation everywhere.

#21 RoyalBluff110, 16 Aug 16 18:34


#22 Chuck1957, 24 Dec 16 05:53

Looking forward to trying this out! I've had excellent success with your SNG strategy.