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StrategyNo Limit Midstack

Short Stack Strategy: Continuation Bets for Advanced Players

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In this article
  • A conti-bet only has to work sometimes.
  • At times, a check can have a higher EV.
  • The conditions for a second barrel.

Especially on the higher limits, you know your opponents very well and they probably know how you play too; you rarely meet completely new players. However, if your opponent knows you, you have to ask yourself: is the standard game always the best solution?

This article deals with two typical problems: the question of whether you should always make a continuation bet and the question of whether a second barrel (a second bet on the turn) makes sense.

Unlike other articles which deal with easier material, it is impossible to give detailed instructions for all types of situations. Instead you will have to concentrate a lot on your individual opponents in order to make good decisions.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (11)

#1 mouse89, 10 Nov 08 16:14


#2 tanku7, 16 Nov 08 20:13

...and it depends on where u are playing...no respect at party poker for example - but thats ok when u know it ;-)

#3 nworb200, 04 Jan 09 22:04

I think i'm a little confused but shouldn't the formula for EV in the second barrel situation be

EV = Fold equity * Pot - (1-Fold equity)*Costs + (1-Fold equity)*(outs*0.02)*(Pot+2*Costs)?

#4 deco99, 19 Jan 09 00:34

nope :)

#5 Meiffert, 07 Feb 09 15:33

I have a question about the calculations in 'When to make a c-bet in position'.
EV= Fold equity * Pot – (100-Fold equity) * Costs
In this formula you expect to loose the pot every time we get called. But we still have the 17 % chance to hit one of our outs on the turn and actually win.
Hence the EV should be $10 + 0.17*(100+50) = $35 which is higher than $28 EV you get by checking behind.

#6 Meiffert, 09 Feb 09 02:19

* Made a mistake about the amount.
We only get about $15 EV more ($10 + 0.6*0.17*(100+50)) than stated in the article but it still increases the EV of conti-betting from 10 to 25 which is a significant difference and it more or less evens out with checking behind.

#7 Smileyphil, 07 Aug 09 09:42

But Meiffert when we cbet we open up the action to a reraise.

So some of the time we will have to give up the hand without getting to see the next card.

I find in practice this happens fairly often. People seem to like check/raising short stacks where I play.

#8 MancaMulas, 10 Oct 09 14:14

this article doesn't explain which values of PFR, AF, etc etc can tell something about our opponents

#9 cavitaro, 11 Dec 09 18:47

"People seem to like check/raising short stacks where I play."
This is basic bss against sss, I guess. If you hold a raiseble hand pre flop, the board comes dry, like rainbow low numbers, and you make de the cbet, the bs can raise you to figure out your hand, even if he thinks he has a weaker hand. It's pretty profitale, I guess, since you only go all in with KK+ if reraised, what is 2 outta 9 starting hands (from late position). That gives the bss a EV= (13bb[i'm guessing the average pot size in a pre flop raised/called heads up flop]*.8)- (15bb[the size of your bet against the cbet]*.2) that gives the bss and EV of roughly +7bb. pretty good, I guess.
Balancing lines people, it's all about balancing lines.

#10 fotakis, 26 Dec 10 05:08

Why Villain has 5 out at best with K72 flop? If the hand is pocket pair?

#11 Airetikos, 06 Jun 11 08:31

Why the headline refers only to SSS?MSS cant use the above as guide for c-betting?