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StrategyNo Limit Midstack

Steals and Resteals


In this article
  • Why you should steal in the first place
  • Steals and resteals with and without the use of stats
  • How to react to resteals
  • Sklansky-Chubukov pushes

This article introduces you to the topic of steals/resteals. Having background information on steals and resteals and learning the basics of steals and resteals without the use of statistics will help you improve your game.

These fundamentals form the basis for the topic of stealing and restealing with the use of statistics. How to steal and resteal against other shortstacks is addressed through this. Additionally you will learn about the concept of Sklansky-Chubukov pushes. You'll get a few tips on how to play the hands you steal with successfully postflop in a short paragraph close to the end of the article.   


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (12)

#1 Bubalus, 11 Mar 10 19:07

Very good read! I was actually waiting for an article like this, because I have been struggling with steals from others a lot. Now it is time to strike back!

#2 xponentx, 18 Mar 10 22:10

In the previous article on SC pushes, it has ranges for profitable pushing from the CO and BU, as well as looser ranges for the SB. Why has this been changed? Is it -EV to use the old ranges?

#3 lincristian, 19 Mar 10 08:20

Very good clear article,finally i understand that SC pushes can only use at sb

#4 tvalberg, 12 Apr 10 14:28

Very useful, thanks :)

#5 strosdegoz, 12 Jun 10 03:52

Great article!

#6 JHTAN, 19 Dec 10 06:33

SC push question. 20bb can push with 22+,A2+,KT+,K9+,QTs+. Is that range include QTos? Thanks.

#7 JHTAN, 19 Dec 10 06:35

I mean QTs+ including QTos? thanks

#8 AKM247, 20 Mar 11 14:05

Nice article thanks for that. There is just one thing I do not fully understand;

"If you steal with 4BB, your steal must be successful in 72.7% of the cases, and if you steal with 3BB in just 66.6% of the cases, i.e. in two out of three cases."

i.e. If you played this 3 times with 0.05/0.10 then you would have invested a total 0.90 (3 x 3bb).
If it worked 66.66% of the time you would have $0.30 profit from the 2x 1.5bb you stole, the third time if you were re-raised AI and folded, it would have cost you $0.30 (3bb).
So if it worked 2 out of 3 times you would not be making profit but breaking even.
I am right in thinking this or did I miss something?

#9 skillforfortune, 03 Apr 11 19:01

sc numbers can use in bu also just divide this number in half,becouse one more opponent in sb.

#10 svendeucer, 05 Apr 11 21:35

i have to agree with AKM247
no matter how many times i do the math 1.5 x 2 = 3 and 1x3 = 3

#11 Babaksht, 12 Jul 11 17:47

So and it is the point:
If you want to get the profit, steal have to work at least 66,6%. If more, then you gain if less, you loose.

#12 AGLearning, 28 Nov 11 14:21

Very useful.
Thanks for the article.