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StrategyWeekly No Limit

Overcards in 3-Bet Pots (1) - Your Equity


An aggressive, No Limit player who gets down to business has a lot of 3-bets in his repertoire. You will probably be familiar with the numerous advantages of 3-bets, however, there are two sides to a coin. In many cases, a 3-bet won't generate the required fold equity and you'll get to the flop in a 3-betted pot without a strong hand.

An important example for this kind of spot are overcards, on one hand you should deal with them carefully, on the other, you shouldn't fold them too often.

Your equity

The first part of this series will only deal with your equity, which depends on your hand, your opponent and the board.

What is the definition of overcards?

The basic definition is clear: two high cards in the hand, which are higher than the highest flop card. However, there are of course big differences.

If, for example, you 3-bet T9s as a semi-bluff, you will also have two overcards on a 345 flop. But what are they worth? Generally not an awful lot.

However, if you're holding AK on a 447 flop, things look decidedly different. You can use a semi-bluff, as you can generally give yourself six outs on the overcards and you're also holding the best hand in a lot of cases.


That's not the entire article...

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#1 Elroch, 26 Jun 11 15:58

Incisive article.