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StrategyWeekly No Limit

AK and QQ Preflop at the Low Limits (2) - Possible Lines


In the first part of this column you were introduced to the basic ideas relevant to playing these hands. We also illustrated a few equity calculations, which are vital for every poker player.

You saw that you have other options than to simply "always go broke". However, you have to be cautious when choosing those lines and always be able to justify them logically - at least to yourself.

That's why it is so important to have an overview of the different ways that you could get into difficult spots preflop.

Possible lines

Theoretically, there are many spots in which you have to make such decisions. However, it is particularly important to analyse the most frequently occurring spots.

What can happen?

  • You open-raise and get a 3-bet.
  • You open-raise, a player calls, another player squeezes.
  • After your 3-bet, you get a 4-bet from the initial open-raiser.
  • After your 3-bet, you get a 4-bet from another player.

That's not the entire article...

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Comments (2)

#1 tardytojas, 13 Oct 10 23:02

I needed this one(:

#2 Zach17, 14 Oct 10 13:32

Wow ,nice article ,very helped !