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StrategyWeekly No Limit

AK and QQ Preflop at the Low Limits (3) - Your Opponents


Now that you've learned a lot about various constellations and equity with these starting hands, it's time to concentrate on your opponents.

Against who do you want to play aggressively, against who might it be wiser to already commit the entire stack preflop?

Who do you want to play against?

This question is easy to answer: "against bad players".

But this is keeping it very general, particularly because you "only" want to examine two specific hands.

Imagine you're holding the aces preflop and you raise. Then you take a look at all your opponents at the table. If someone would pose the question, "From which player would you most like to see action?", the answer would be, "I don't care, I just hope one of them is holding KK, QQ or AK and goes broke".

And the same applies to these hands. It's not about using tricky postflop play here or about getting your opponents to fold. The focus here is on not making any major mistakes with these two strong starting hands preflop, but to make some rough estimates of ranges.

  • Question 1: Can you go broke preflop without worrying?
  • Question 2: If you can't, what is the alternative?

That's not the entire article...

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Comments (6)

#1 JohnyPoker, 30 Oct 10 19:56

>Would a 3-bet be wise in this spot?

Imho, yes.

#2 Fubu27, 11 Nov 10 01:13

Imo, yes as well. If we are going to play 3bet/fold against the rock anyway, then why not do it with any two?

If he 4bets we fold for sure. If he folds then any hand would suffice to do the 3bet.

So we would extract more value by calling him with AK/QQ and playing the postflop.

Am I right?

#3 Harnas31, 29 Jul 11 01:56

3bet of $1.30 from BB versus Rock MP
is incorrect

#4 mizeriq, 22 Sep 11 13:59

80% fold to 3 bet, if he never calls, and 4 bets the remaining 20%, then:

Pot size: 1.75
If you fold you lose 0.10(you're the BB)

If you raise:
80% chance to win 0.45 = +0.36 on average
20% chance to lose 1.30 = -0.26 on average

0.36 - 0.26 = 0.10

So bluffing him will net you 0.20 more on average compared to folding.

You could also ignore the BB in the calculations, since it's a mandatory bet and the end result will be the same(80%*0.55=0.44; 20%*-1.20=0.24; 0.44-0.24=0.20).

#5 MiiWiin, 27 Sep 11 11:52

Just the math:

The 3-bet is 12 Bb cause one BB is our blind.

Openraise: 4BB ; 3-bet 12BB => 12BB to win 5,50$ (4$+1$+0,50$)=> 12/(12+5,50) = [b]68,6%[/b] Foldequity.

We have 80%, so it is a possible Move.

Longterm we have to look what happens if Villain calls. We must avoid that we get in -EV-Spots there that cost us more than the Preflop-Winnings when Villain folds.

#6 kcdsel, 14 Dec 11 23:15

in that spot against a rock your better to fold and move on to next hand