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To Bet or Not To Bet (2)


To Bet or Not To Bet (2)

by MiiWiin

In the first part, we looked at an introduction to this problem. At the end you were hopefully convinced that a bluff bet in this kind of spot isn't successful often enough.

This naturally gives rise to the question of alternatives, that is, of other plays.

  • What are dry boards?
  • Consideration of opponents/stats
  • What are the paramount problems there?
  • Balancing/deception
  • When should you bet and when shouldn't you?
  • How can you bluff?
  • How can you extract the maximum value?
  • The way ahead - way behind principle
  • Turn and river play after a bet on the flop
  • Turn and river play after a check on the flop
  • Marginal holdings
  • How to play out of position
  • How do you play as the preflop aggressor?
  • Multi-way pots
  • 3-betted pots
  • What happens if Villain bets?


That's not the entire article...

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