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Donk Bets (1) - Theory I


In today's column, we will take a closer look at donk bets. We will shed light on the purpose of such bets, possible ranges and the factor of balacing.

It is also relevant to analyse which hands your opponents often donk bet with. How do you fare against your opponents and what's more: What is the ideal way of reacting to a donk bet?

What is a donk bet?

Let's first have a look at the PokerStrategy.com - glossary:

The term donkbet comes from the combination of donkey and bet. Such a bet is an unexpected or risky bet by a player who was not the aggressor in the previous round, often into a player who was the aggressor. This is also called a gaybet or bet out of nowhere. A typical situation for a donkbet is when a player calls a raise in the first round then bets into the raiser in the next round. Donkbets can be dumb moves by inexperienced players, or deceptive maneouvers made to trick an opponent since they are often viewed as weak. Furthermore, they are used as blockbets in variants with variable bet sizes, where a small bet can be made to keep an opponent from making a large, pot odds-spoiling bet.

A simple summary of this could look as follows: A donk bet is a bet from a player who was not the last one to show aggression preflop. However, interpreting these bets is not as easy as you might hope.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (3)

#1 simoska, 20 Jan 11 22:44

Example5:"Villain only has to fold in around 40% of cases to make the move +EV here."
Can you show us how do you calculate that?

#2 MiiWiin, 21 Jan 11 11:24

Betsize: 3,40$ [i](2/3 Potsize)[/i] => 3,40/(3,40+4,90)= 40,9% needed Foldequity.

Every time you bet 2/3 potsize you need 40% foldequity.

#3 Rakijan, 03 Feb 11 15:41

Example 1 and 2

I don't see how in this spots donk bet isn't good. T high board, what can he have JJ+ it is 24 combinations (set of TT + 3 combinations)! AK alone it is 16 if we take in account also AQ, AJo/s KQo/s and lower PP I think it is must donk bet ... flop is missed by both players around 40% so ... put some presure :)