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Floats (3) - Exceptional Spots


Floats (3) - Exceptional Spots

by MiiWiin

In the last parts we introduced and analysed some basic questions about floats, particularly the questions when and against what kind of opponents they can be used. We focused on the standard spot here, namely heads-up in position.

However, a float as such describes more than that. It is about calling a street in order to start a move on the following street.

You also have this option in other spots, four of which we will outline today.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (2)

#1 dainauskiene, 19 Mar 11 13:46


Nice article, however I have a question about a float OOP with 77. The play on the turn seems strange, since an ace is actually a scare card for us, not our opponent, since strong aces are in his range. What do we represent by calling a flop and donking the turn ? A4s-A6s ? I dunno if any guys call these kind of hands in BB against 13% PFR, which is probably even less because of UTG position.

#2 BadeaCelRau, 09 Sep 11 14:39

AK, AQ ?