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Timing Tells (1) - Introduction


Timing Tells (1) - Introduction

by MiiWiin

Timing tells are an important part of playing poker, regardless of the variant. They say a number of things, if you think you can estimate your opponent and know he's a "thinking player".

It involves being able to read something about your opponent, based on his bet and raise times, whilst at the same time staying unreadable yourself.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (2)

#1 BadeaCelRau, 21 Aug 11 04:33

Nice article, cleared up some things on why taking time is better in order to represent a weaker hand. However I don't get the last examples. Those players are already thinking one level ahead and interpret the tells as opposite to what they naturally mean : slow action is a monster, fast action is a bluff. So basically it's a leveling war from the start.

#2 pixikralj, 24 Aug 11 22:12

yes, im with the guy above.. leveling from the start.. true