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Harman vs. Zeidman WSOP 2005



Harman vs. Zeidman WSOP 2005

from Unam1337

The hand I chose for this weeks analysis is one of the most spectacular ones from the WSOP mainevent in 2005 although 5600 players took part and nearly doubled the number of participants from the previous year because there were many online-qualifiers.

Hence Joe Hachem could win the largest live tournament back then, when he won the last hand with 7 3 against Steve Dannenmann's A 3.

The flop came 6, 5, 4 and as the A hit the board, Hachems bet was raised by Dannenmann and Hachem consequently put him all-in and Dannenmann called. A 4 hit on the river. Hachem was a stunning 7.500.000 USD richer.

For Jennifer Harman and Corey Zeidman, the actors in this hand, didn't have that much success in this tournament because they both didn't make it into the money. However, they still managed to play this very exciting hand.

After everyone has watched the video, I will try to analyse this hand. If I am not mistaking completely, Dan Harrington looked at this hand as well but unfortunately it has been such a long time when I read the book that the following analysis is really one of my own and is, at least not consciously, affected by this more talented writer.



Harman raises 200 Q, Q
Zeidman calls 200 9, 8
Davis calls 200 A, 6

Harman raises from early position with her ladies. This is nothing special and (hopefully) everyone does this. As we are in the early phase of a deepstack-tournament, the call of Zeidman with 98s is not abnormal at all because you are getting very good implied odds on such hands. If this is the case against a player of Harmans caliber is the question though. The BB also calls with a baby ace, surely a hand he doesn't like to play in this situation, but because he is getting good pot odds and basically has position on the preflopraiser with a check on the flop, his call is not bad.



Davis checks
As mentioned before, it is just logical that Davis checks but because he has hit nothing he will probably hope for a freecard to complete his gutshot and otherwise give up the hand.

Harman bets 500
She probably won't like the board too much because apart from a top-set, many other drawing hands will have hit this flop as well. Nevertheless she has to bet.

Zeidman raises 2000
The flop is obiously much better for Zeidman as it is for Harman because he really flopped his 3rd nutstraight, but - as 3rd indicates - he can't be over happy with this situation, because if he puts Harman on a tight openraisingrange from early position he can assume that she raised someting like 99+ and AQ+ (which is not even that nitty). If we have a look at this, we notice that he is way behind against AK and all other hands still have some outs, most of them are sets. He "only" has 53% against this range and it is not unlikely that he is not holding the best hand already. It is therefore comprehensible that he raises because he has to protect his hand against these draws.

Davis folds
He is holding a gutshot, noticing that there is a lot of trouble in the air is not difficult, and therefore it is no surprise that he folds.

Harman calls
As described above, the flop is not especially great but she definitely has outs and implied odds if she does hit. It could also be the case that Zeidman hit a 2pair, a smaller set or even slowplayed an overpair and is now way behind, or is even bluffing. If she puts him on a non-bluff-range, it would be hands like 98, TT+, AK.

I would eliminate 99 and AQ because he would have rather called to try to complete his draw because we are still early in the tournament and it is no likely that he would build a large pot with a marginal hand.

And just like Zeidman, Harman is slightly ahead against the range we are putting her opponent on, namely with 51.5%. her call is therefore justifiable. Pushing or reraising here is senseless in my opinion because 2pair or even smaller sets would then fold and all hands that would call have got her beat.


Harman checks
Nice card for her, but because Zeidman took the initiative on the flop, it might be a good possibility to checkraise.

Zeidman bets 1000

He won't like this turn much, but on the other hand he has now got a flushdraw and even an open-ended straightflushdraw. I think it is good to bet here because if we think that Harman is holding AK, for example, it is possible that she folds this hand now because she is giving him credit for the full house now. But I don't like the size of the bet because it is only 1/5 of the pot. However, I have to admit that I don't know these players and that he is betting the same amount with a hand that is very strong and basically cannot be outdrawn as with a medium strength hand.

Harman raises 3000
She has twice the luck. She is now holding the 2nd nuts and is getting further action from Zeidman. Hence she can make the pot so large that her opponent will have a very hard time to find a fold on the river if he finds one at all, because we shouldn't forget that he could have made the smaller full house with this card just now.

Her bet, like Zeidmans bet, is very small but as I said for him - if they have a history together with these kinds of bets, it is totally comprehensible and even the right thing to do. It would only become dangerous if you give away the strength of your hand with these kinds of bets.

Zeidman calls 2000
I think this is the first mistake in the hand because it is very obivous that Zeidman is beat here. If we decide to put Harman on a range again, it would be QQ, JJ, TT and AK if she decided to slowplay the nuts on the flop.

He even has the odds against this range because there are 9000 in the pot with a 28.5% chance of winning against Harmans range. BUT he is playing with his tournament life and has no opportunity, like in the cashgames, to rebuy. Furthermore he only has 2 outs (he knows that his opponent is holding the Q) with which he happily puts his chips in the middle on the river. As he only has 3000 chips left, he is getting odds of nearly four to one.

This means that because he is not allowed to fold the river after the turncall, Harman shouldn't have given him a decision for 2000 chips but rather for his whole stack, namely 5000 chips on the turn. He wouldn't have had the odds to call this bet with his 28.5%.



Harman bets 3000

Effectively she went all-in with her hand on the turn as well because she cannot fold on the river. As she can't fold herself but make other worse hands call, it is an easy valuepush.

Zeidman calls and is All-In
What is there to say about this?^^ He hit his miracle card.


Comments (16)

#1 mungavin, 19 Mar 08 13:34

have you ever noticed that when u flop a flush or a str8, sometimes someone else improves on the turn or river with the fullhouse.

#2 clubbizarre, 20 May 08 23:09

truly impressive. impressive is that he did not let go of his hand, as if he knew. but am I right when I say that Harman should have pushed earlier in order Zeidman would've never called?

#3 redrockrain, 06 Jun 08 12:45

Where is his second out? I only see the 7D?

#4 SirIceD, 17 Jul 08 01:00

Seen the duel she was sick about it what i can understand xD

#5 Tosh5457, 17 Aug 08 17:57

donk call

#6 mouse89, 14 Oct 08 15:56


#7 Bechstein, 18 Oct 08 16:27

these are the typical hands where i get donked time and again online... ive almost given up on cash game no limit because of these players that will call one out and have switched to omaha
i will only play online tournaments with guarantee payout over 1K

#8 Harold1, 03 Dec 08 14:29

So he made the 7d on the river, that's just pure luck. Harmen might have won if she had pushed on the turn though he may still have called with his hand at this point in the tournament.

Harmen got geeedy and "pantsd". I see it happen all the time, mostly to me when I was just a Bronzey, now I see this same situation all the time mostly with other players though.

Ya gotta play by the rules...

#9 Tabman, 05 Dec 08 21:43

only on ladbrokes

#10 justgeo, 12 Jun 09 15:06

i dont know the play and have never seen it. but, from everything i have been reading recently we are told time again that in most situations, suited connectors are not worth playing and for the most part, fold em.
then you see this play from a pro. getting to the river with that hand is nothing short of ameteurish in most peoples eyes, especially with know he must be behind at some point.
interesting to see how it played out though. it would have made me very sick to have gone out of a tournament like that.

#11 MrPavlos, 14 Jun 09 02:07

Guys i am sorry but what do u mean by saying that Zeidman had too know he was way behind?He flopped a straight,and while u are in a tournament u A)dont flop such hands anytime,B)the blinds are getting bigger,so a flopped straight is like a gift from heaven.So i dont see lots of players folding in Zeidmans place.And also althought the turn creates the fullhouse possibility,it gives zeid a draw to beat AK.Thing is he got lucky after missreading the hand on the turn,apart from that he played it well imo.


#12 theboydave, 24 Jul 09 12:57

what a dramatic hand you could feel for either player losing at different stages of the hand i agree with comment number 2 completly.some times its hard to give opponents credit for quads when you hit a full house you are all happy and get handed a cooler.

#13 Hahaownedlolz, 02 Nov 09 03:05

I dont see how anyone could fold the straight tbh. maybe on the turn, but i think you would have to be a very good player to lay that down and put your opponent on a 10-Q for example making a fullhouse.

On the other hand.. there is no way i could fold trip Q's either. the only hand your really afraid of is an A-K or 89. although the second one is alot less likely.

#14 pegas75, 29 Apr 10 21:44

When the chance to come Straight Flush or Royal Flush cards are not to be completed as ever.

#15 vahan4, 26 Jun 13 00:21

There is a reason he didn't make it into the money ;)

#16 deniavigacil, 16 Sep 15 06:53