$11 Progressive Knockout Win Analysis with ICMIZER 2 - Part Two

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11
  • Fullring
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Part two of the victory run review of $11 Progressive Knockout tournament played by our hero on PokerStars. Hands are being reviewed using the ICMIZER 2 software. You can find the first part here.


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Comments (9)

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  • ChampioNLinikeR


    very nice hot
  • Dit0Filho


    Great! Very nice run by Hero! It always help =D
  • EasyRush


    I love this website!!
  • Icemayn


  • apprendist


    Min 29:48 I prefer the min raise, If the medium stack are the BB the shove is better IMO. (explain me please)

    Min 28:38 what a call nice read by hero I guess, but I fold in the turn.
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks guys! Glad you're enjoying the video :)

    Apprendist, thanks for the questions/feedback. Looking back at this spot, I agree that we're deep enough against the big blind that shoving is marginal. The BB should be on a tight enough calling range with ICM that shoving is OK, but with stacks being a bit awkward here for any 3bet, one nice alternative is just to flat OOP and take advantage of our hand's postflop playability.
  • Csajnika13


    It's very good and really can be learned from these videos, I think I should look more like this!
  • fredhead


    Very good analysis with in-depth information.
  • Yemira


    Thank you for the video, great one!

    Thanks to hero as well, congrats on your win :)