Doyle reveals his biggest ever pot

In today's Daily Rewind we find out what Doyle Brunson did when someone died at the poker table and show you how to beat tilt.

Doyle answers anything

Mr. Poker
There are few people in the poker industry with more stories than Doyle Brunson and in a recent Ask Me Anything session on PokerAtlas he decided to share some with his fans.

Giving people free reign to question him on anything, Doyle provided a characteristically witty and insightful set of responses, including the following gems:

Question: What's the longest session you've ever played?
Doyle: 5 days and 5 nights with nothing but coffee. I don't even remember if I was winning or losing.
Question: What was the biggest pot you ever won?
Doyle: Around $700,000. And that was 30 years ago.

Question: Have you ever been to the Netherlands?
Doyle: No. My image of the country is of a little girl with her thumb in a dike.

Question: The gentlemen you were playing with back in the day who dropped dead scooping a pot, what did you guys do with his winning and with him?
Doyle: The person that ran the game took the pot for his errors and put it aside and they tried to revive him but he was dead. They took him away and we kept playing.

Learn to beat tilt

As poker players we all have leaks and, for many of us, those problems are often on the mental side of the game.

Tilt is by far the most common mental game issue and in this recent video release by Holdem Manager 2  JaredTendler explains some strategies to help you overcome your demons.

Since authoring the Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2 (alongside BarryCarter), Jared has established himself as the preeminent voice on tilt control, so if you're struggling with the issue then check out the video.

Dan's disastrous dive

The lead up to the WSOP is an exciting time for every professional poker player, but one would-be bracelet hunter almost forced himself out of action after a diving accident.

Ultimate Poker's Dan O'Brien was recently in Reno for some fun and frolics before the Series gets underway, but after spotting an opportunity to impress his friends, things quickly went wrong.

Having prepped himself for what looked to be an Olympic style dive, O'Brien launched himself towards the water but instead of landing with a splash he ploughed headfirst into a jet ski.

Fortunately, O'Brien was ok and, after being helped to the surface by Allen Bari, he was able to laugh about his lucky escape.

Question of the Day

"What's the most destructive thing (financially or otherwise) you've done when on tilt?"


It was another day of downswings for Gus Hansen on Wednesday after he logged off with a $134,768 deficit. One small consolation for Gus, however, was that his loss wasn't the biggest of the day. Finishing ahead of the Dane was Kyle Ray and Hac Dang who dropped $207,530 and $311,859 respectively.

Topping Wednesday's profit leaderboard thanks to the misfortunes of Hac, Kyle and Gus was Alexander Kostritsyn. The Russian pro managed to rake in $280,994 to finish clear of Phil Ivey and 'Crazy Elior'.

Alex Kostritsyn
Phil Ivey$190,082
Hac Dang
Kyle Ray$207,530
Gus Hansen$134,768

Daily Signoff

It's been a while since we signed off with an attractive woman from the poker world, so today we leave you with this recent shot of Lizzy Harrison looking fierce.


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  • BotiaKiraly


    "Took him away and we kept on playing" -lol

    most desasttrous tilt thing - broke a mouse

    Lizzy Harrison... Dayum!

  • MJPerry


    $700k in 1984 is about $1.6m today.
  • Rihard4a


    Gus keeps amazing me.
  • junfandan


    Doyle = hero
  • YohanN7


    I'm quite sure he won a $800 000+ pot in "High Stakes Poker" vs Guy La Liberté. (Definitely smaller than the $700 000 when inflation is taken into account.) Anyway, he made an amazing read and called a gigantic all in with only a pair + flush draw on the turn. The pair held up.