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Semi-Bluffs for Advanced Players


In this article:
  • Different forms of semi-bluffs
  • Important factors for effective semi-bluffs
  • The math behind semi-bluffs

As poker has grown in popularity, so has the general aggressiveness in small and mid-stakes games. Good poker players do not ignore the advantages of being aggressive, nor do they ignore the chance to exploit the weakness of other players. Many casual players will have seen a wide range of moves made by opponents. Often times, these moves appear extremely creative and might give the casual player the courage to try something similar. They are, however, usually soundly based on the concept of "semi-bluffing."

This article is designed to provide a comprehensive basis for understanding what semi-bluffs are and how/when they can be played. Instead of making clueless and incorrect decisions in an attempt to look like a pro, you will know which factors to look for when considering such a move.


That's not the entire article...

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